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What happened to Ted and Mary?Mary decided she could fight all their energies to win back the heart of Ted, marriage, and provide as well as their children and their families are strong, the heart, desire. He immediately took seven steps of the plan.The strategy worked. There is still a cure more to go. At the same time, during the day, Marie launched the campaign, Ted called the lawyer to tell you to take at least temporarily, the divorce papers she had left.In its favor, Ted, that divorce did not improve his years of frustration almost as effective, and work with a woman, now give me all about her marriage to build his dream and his.Finally, although it has been reluctant in the past to go to couples therapy, Ted became Mary has found a treatment. Surprise, Ted found a therapist to help more benefits than expected, especially bone healing in many major happens and years together.Recently, loving wife of the same marriage for their children, nor the loss of part of the property, both had worked for many years a great effort has brought Ted and Mary the joy of being the result of Ted month filed for divorce, recovery it is gently began to make changes, driven by the will to continue and Mary wants to give a new opportunity to Ted.Continue indigestion certainly they are. Ted is a divorce Mary continues campaign to save the marriage, however, definitely the blessing of the catastrophe became. The earthquake is over. Both Ted and Mary, for the first time in many years, hand in hand, standing on a firm base, and the therapist is radiant.

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