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my web-content-studio-software-out a few years ago, (and there were hundreds of updates) and are, therefore, the owners of the web site to create to go well with the material. Some believe that this is due to the fact that the software is launched, for a long time, on the subject, and LSI is not relevant in modernity. I recorded a video that shows the evidence. not only will you be able to see the entire site in the google search results as the technical basis of the lsi performance, the go, but you can also see the proof go lsi to become more and more important for the ranking, nothing less.but so long as we are able to do it just for this, and the know-how? How to create content that is better for you to use the themes of the content of the site?

Here is another video. See:

due to the fact that you can use, do a set of old-school key-words that no longer works, and
as the materials to destroy, for each game that you want, but in the process, it is actually just a page, to hundreds or even thousands of them, both in terms of long tail phrases.the truth is that google tries to remove the material in the serp, if it is “engineering” amount played for the optimization of a few words. use as a password the phrase 3 to 5 times every 100 words in the article, it is not only in this area. was google trying “tips” to tell you that the page is in it, but today, this type of words to focus attention on the content as spam.

Web-study material at the end of 2008, beginning of 2009, with the help of the new create content in a different way, in a natural way to simulate the writer.

Of course, as a writer, writing is not a set of words, write the theme or topic
It is likely that recognition of the phrase “as a work of insulin” that you want to align.

The old password using the method to transfer at a pace that, in the title, phrase, title, H1, open, and more. to read the article, you want to know what is the expression, is the Director of the place, because you want to see, again and again, even though, in reality, it is not necessary. in other words, they are forced to try to classify in a sentence.

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