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The formula used in the Taoist Yin-Yang theory of the five elements, and a wonderful -the research of information called the ‘new contemporary studies of the brain and the theories of the human brain, or to gather research -for neurological impairments filled unexplored areas of modern research. What is surprising is that in ancient times was the ability to use knowledge in practice. As you already know, research shows the brain of a modern human brain into two hemispheres: right and left. brain left brain to the right side of the body and the analysis of the critical logic personality. The right hemisphere controls the left hemisphere of the human body and the artistic personality, philosophy and politicial. Millennia ago, when he wrote the classic interior (Nei Ching Ling and Su Ching), divided by the Yellow Emperor and the yang side of the brain, and their properties. In addition, the Yellow Emperor decided two subdivisions of ministries and integration sectarian division, part of the five brain. People, when brain dominance to pull files subhemisferic ranking models of the theory of five elements five elements. A complete personality profile and a simple system to manage the interaction between people on the basis of the five elements, and was called the theory of the five-star system.immediately recognize the personality, the work of each of compatible personalities (the greatest satisfaction and automatically) and how to make compromises, and the effectiveness of one of them reached feels full Tao: the end. If a simple five stars in all areas of life, it would be possible to resolve conflict, reduce stress and tension, and the infinite efficiency.The undeniable fact is that each of us has a unique set of fingerprints possession. The study of Taoist, the fingerprint is connected to the I-Ching so that a decision could be a personality, skills, interests and human health, as well as viable alternatives to marriage and a career. Fingerprints are much more than the layout of the criminal investigation system and other means of value for fingerprints Taoists and others to understand.The fingerprint system is a new book too.

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