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The best known example of this is called dermatographism (skin errors) – a rash develops in the area of the skin, the strokes. In other cases, hives, rashes, caused by heat, cold, emotions, exercise, or strong sunlight. (See the booklet with the title ” Physical urticaria (hives) for more details.) This type of hives, which often leads to episodes of sudden (acute) symptoms, but sometimes is the cause of chronic symptoms. Bacteria (germs) called Helicobacter high (H. C), usually in the stomach is a factor in some cases. If you are infected, the search can be of bacteria, and disappear with the treatment for the healing of the problem with the hives. Chronic, hives, really? To go at the outbreak of the trend, the strike. Each usually lasts less than 24 hours. But, as the rash may come and go, but the itching can lead to discomfort and sleep disorders. The hours can be full of difficult, because it can lead to breathe in a lot of trouble. The discussion looks at the history of the work vera47921 13replies hives of narcolepsy has ruined my life, WITH 12 217replies cold urticaria KellinHanas 4replies, has triggered a debate on What is, of course, and the prediction (prognosis) of chronic urticaria? Persistent (chronic) urticaria tends to appear and disappear. You can see that the rash on the main part of the day, and then there are the times, the rash disappears for a period of time. The severity of the rash and itching varies from person to person.

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