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First, I posted office in January 2015 Update now I have to pay for content updated plug-ins available for WordPress.Have you ever wanted to quickly subscribers?Only a few sign ups a day, which means 529% increase in performance.It seems too crazy to be true right?This may sound crazy, but it can, and will show you how.In this post I show a method that helps the development of a list of 529%. There are several WordPress plugins and other tools that make it very easy tactic.The key to rapid growth in email list – to take the next part of the magnetsEmail subscribers problem is still – if someone comes to your blog to read the advice of social interaction, probably will not be looking to the ergonomic advice (although it helps).But if I had something to do with the amount of support they need at the time, it would be much more likely to have your email address.So what is the answer?It is a tactic called ‘content updated.You’ve probably heard the word of the lead magnet, ” opt-in ‘or’ opt-in bonus on corruption ‘- is the same, but there is a twist, allowing you to develop your list faster than ever.Instead of offering a unique magnetism, paid in advance, you can offer to send them a special magnet project (we call content updates here).Therefore, it is 100% of the amount they see.When done properly, it can increase performance more than 529%. It works not only in the field of marketing, in this case, studies show.In its simplest form, might PDF content to update the blog, but you will get better when the exclusive content available or set up a kind of film / tips list.Of course, more time is needed to create, but it is worth it.The only downside is that we need or tool using the plug-in with the level of change materials available.The other option is to help the developer would cost much more to improve the account below.What is the upgrade program information material?My Ultimate Guide to build a list of my step by step list updates.I put a slogan at the top of the mast, which looks like this:You click the link, see a popover:When a person enters their email address and click Download, PDF checklist is sent to them.Lead Pages use, but not the only tool that allows you – some others.Look closely this and other solutions Lead Pages below.massively increase update Plugins electronic recording of these substancesUpdates to deliver content and PDF files prosper sonthrive result offers a complete solution that allows you to adjust the readers can click Popovers can be activated by clicking on a text link or image.You can use the popover preloaded templates and customize them to your hearts content. It is very easy to drag and drop editor.But not for the extension.The problem is that there are many plugins and tools to provide content updates.It could be a PDF or other file – but how to make it easier for readers to download?In other WordPress plugins provide the email address for you, they will use the server to send email.. . . Which is fine, but do not expect the rate of delivery of email for many.In addition, the service expanding mandrel and integrated result that day mail delivery – This ensures the delivery price is impressive.In addition, updates, content, can thrive result is compatible with different types of opt-in form.These include: – band, Popovers, equipment, page sick leave, the material cost of the screen, and more.There are several models for each form is chosen, and you can choose how to display them.You may want some Popovers can be targeted to specific categories to make sure they are as relevant as possible. Or maybe you have a special page to display in the option in another form in the sidebar.And when readers to join your email list?You can use smart links with screens of different calls to action for them – this may be a link to the product or the other offer.. . . All this and more slowly.symptoms:Offers a variety of not only updates the content opt-in.Add to order content updates or other opt-in to any site or page orientation with short code.If you do not want to use content updates, you can take a check | kjaskáp the style.I pre-loaded with various types.Editor Using drag and drop to change the templates or your own from scratch.Send content updating PDF files directly readers content distribution function.Support for distribution of content, such as delivery date axis and speed effective implementation to ensure.Export results to a spreadsheet with built-in download manager
incredible feature allows you to split test various tested against each other
Built-in reports to track your progress.Constructor full content fully thrive
Price: $ 67 Home.further consideration.Add calls to action and update content material improvements Pro.content updating Pro is another good option..It is designed to make it easier material level changes..What I especially like the plugin is how it gives the possibility of what he calls’ fancy blocks.These are calls to action that readers click inside the material..Perhaps the bulk of extensions allow you – if you are calling action planning. It is not a major obstacle, it may tend to create a high speed, which is quite surprising..But that is supported by you is good to see.Good selection of templates that can be used, so you can send an update expanded its content to subscribers..Content is updated plug-in for Pro paid, but they have a free version available in the WordPress plugin functionality (e. G. Just 5 can update the content) and will not be updated for a while, but it provides an easy way to test the basic features.

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