How To Self Treat Depression

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We can feel depressed for many reasons. However, often depression can follow the difficult experiences (such as bereavement, bullying or the end of the relationship). It is normal to feel weak now, and often these emotions naturally over time, but unfortunately sometimes stick and become problematic. On the other hand, depression can sometimes seem to be ‘out of nothing’ for no particular reason at all. Thinking Styles: One theory suggests that the way we interpret or think about things that can make us depressed. In fact, our thinking affects our emotions. For example, if you walked past a friend in the city center and was ignored, it would be easy to think it was because you are angry, or do not want. These ideas, of course, they get angry and make you fall. On the other hand, if you think up; ‘Maybe I was dreaming and I do not know,’ you’ll probably feel better about yourself. When we are depressed, we often think of very negative situations (as described above), which has a negative effect on mood. Explanation of behavior: Another popular theory is that depression can happen because we do a lot of things we used to enjoy (eg, friends, and participate in our hobby). Often this means that there is little hope that can make our lives seem boring and pointless. On the other hand, when we are depressed, they spend most of their time alone or sit in front of the TV, which can be very unpleasant and unsatisfying. biological reasons: It was also shown that depression can have family ties. For example, if someone in your immediate family has had depression, have a greater chance to develop similar feelings.

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