Perfect Weight Forever By Marisa Peer

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Not only the food you ate as a child, but the parents’ relationship with the foods you eat influence. I have many customers that the turn of events they believe that hypnosis is, having said that …”I can not eat with the other,” if your sweet mother rarely given or will punish you, eliminating sweets when parents were poor and the belief of the very basic food a young age is obtained and strengthened and I can not eat what others eat ” does not have good food or withdrawn.This means that if you are denied the food they want, and no power or say, of course, food, and other children in their lunchbox, your cabinets or his party.Years later, when, of course, you have access to all the food, I still think you should have, it is because of her battle with weight.You do not have the history of the old “:” It was not available “and” can not have what others have, “and get other people eat, but do not know.” If you try to consciously refuses food and want to be free of them, what is happening is to think like children who do not receive and want, and now wants to do more and feel powerless to fight.It is believed that their efforts to sabotage the diet..Why diets, pills and gastric band surgery does not work.Diets are very serious, which makes it difficult to maintain. If you know that 95% of people who go on a diet to put all the weight in a year and often several more extra weight because it shows that diets do not work. For a long time, we are able to stay on a diet of only six weeks, and many people only manage a few days.They do not respond to diet and exercise, the problems that cause people to overeat. There is always an emotional thing and it is common for comfort when people are stressed, depressed, bored or vulnerable.Over 70% of bulimics are emotional eaters, and consumer addiction. Another 20% are common and ignorant eaters, and only 10% were angry consumers. You need to know what kind of dinner before we can fix it, which is something that no amount of diet pills that treat gastric band can be done.What is the problem with processed foods like margarine, chips, chocolate and candy?French fries, cakes, chocolates, cookies, pies, cakes and fast food are not food. junk food and fast food are not the food – it is a cocktail of chemicals, dyes, sugars, trans fats, preservatives, and the body is a function of the chemicals dopamine release in the body and the drugs and all dependencies only necessary drugs to get the same effect. Diet Burger, fries, pizza and cake to program your brain to crave more foods high in sugar, salt and fat, according to a new survey. Over the years, junk food can become a substitute for happiness and door depends binges.teach the way I know how to choose the right foods. It seems as candy and chocolate have nothing to eat and they never make you feel better. Your body will never ask for chips or junk food in their attempt to break all the fat, hate and chemicals.

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