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My name is Vladimir Yachmennikov. For over 30 years, I graduated from Saratov medical College (Russia). I now live and work in the united STATES. When I started my career as a physician, I was not satisfied with the traditional treatments results obtained in medical institutions. Some cases could hardly be treated regularly of the good and methods. In addition, the drugs have side effects, in particular, the radicals. So I started my search for other methods. I just discovered an excellent treatment method, which exists for several thousands of years in Chinese Medicine. I went through a type of training in my area, the university of medicine, with a Certificate, and started my medical practice. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. Patients who are suffering from various diseases for years and have not had success in the treatment with the conventional methods, got completely well after 8 to 10 sessions of treatments with this method. Go back in time, I was suffering from a serious illness after I called in the countries of the spinal cord. a. the Companion of my wife, I went through a time of self-treatment. At the time (this was 20 years ago), my back, is to get rid of the pain. In the past I had to squat each time I needed to lift something. Today, I have long forgotten about all such precautions. The spinal cord is perfectly fine! Also, I have the weight and the quality to go with it for my training. A few times a week, I do weight exercises and not even my back troubled me during them ever since. So what is the magic of this method is that will it be?

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