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Tuesday, June 20, 2006, Austin reported that a teenagers , mother was suing MySpace.$ 30 million in the lawsuit filed in Travis County claims popular Internet site fails to protect children from adult sexual predators. The lawsuit includes news reports of other assault cases in which girls were contacted through MySpace. The real question Is, MySpace will be responsible for the safety of your child or your work.

MySpace is not only social networking sites, but what is more important, with a membership of 7080 million users, Bebo ranks 2nd using a membership of 23million users and other popular teen sites include and An article published in the June 4, 2006 in Fairfield New Zealand Ltd., Things, Social Networking Websites Target NZ Teens in turf Battle by Kent Atkinson asserts that, children flock online to hang out with friends, express their hopes and dreams and bare their souls, often painful honesty mostly unbeknownst to their techclumsy parents.

All the events that have taken place over the last few months. There are many safety and security features on the internet for parents to use that these incidents should not take place. Do not send your child to the park, on a busy street, because it is dangerous, and it is on the internet. Parents must assume responsibility for the supervision of their children on the internet. There are a number of tools to help young internet users and the expert users of the internet to search for the children.Parents who wish to monitor and supervise the online activities of their children to ensure that their values may now take advantage of parental control on their computers. These parental control programs can help to keep your child safe on the internet for content that is adult in nature, as well as to avoid contagion in all the wrong places on the web.

The free Software can be found on the internet, which is easy to install and put into service. All you need to do is to carefully observe the product instructions, which are easy to understand.

In addition, there are those that you can buy to improve the protection and surveillance at all times, the children want to use the internet. The different products also vary depending on the age of your children, and the places you visit always. For example, if your preteen son, there is a unique control software is right for them. The Software will also tell you the sources and web sites that the user visits, how long they spent on each of them, and automatically lock the resources on the basis of the keywords defined by the user.

There will always be software that is so expensive that it is useful, therefore, to ask about this. While some programs can be purchased at a higher price, the cost is worth it and you can always count on.

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