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The color is particularly drawing on screen windows and satellite data. On the screen, Io is the white; Europe, yellow; Ganymede and Callisto, orange, light blue. The statistical information is usually printed in black. When the satellite passes of Jupiter (which is in front of the disc of Jupiter), digital information is printed yellow. If the satellite covers the Jupiter (Jupiter behind the plate), there are corresponding digital data are printed in blue.Pro Jupsat default runs in real time. If you want to use the date and time (not current) specific, click the Stop button to stop Jupsat Pro to run in real time. Then you can change the number of the date and the time required in the upper window.Back in the real time mode Jupsat Pro, click the clock icon.By clicking on the red circle icon produces a table GRS transit times in the month and year selected. Think Local.The Great Red Spot changes the length of time and are updated at any time. The new value is entered in the upper area next to the title of the Red Spot Length (System II). Jovian System II of length used in calculations.The dates for each date is printed on the left in the picture. Days are faced with alternating black and dark gray background. If the month or year is changed to the display window Jupsat Pro Transit primary RMS automatically updates the transfer time of a new month.The printer icon in the upper left corner of the window, you can print the transit times of the Great Red Spot.

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