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Children need to know and to feel that you, the Parents, Love and compassion, to allow You to enjoy their childhood and to grow in self-confidence in Adults. How can you have a little bit of Time with Your Children? If a Family has a duty to manage Their Life, a happy Family, you have to take the time to spend Time with Family, no matter how busy Your Work Schedule, or Tiredness, I feel. This is the most basic and the most important Condition to spend time with Their Children. You can try out the Proposed Activities for the Kids, with You – 1. A morning or an Afternoon Walk in the park, to Learn how to relax with Your Children, go for a Walk of 30 Minutes of walking in the park. You don’t have to do this every day, but this Activity at least once a Week, because the main Purpose is for the whole Family. I would love a simple picnic in the Weekend with the whole Family in the park. 2. The regular “sitting” Table together, together, the “sit down” Meal together on a regular basis can do Wonders for Your Family. Offers for two or three Nights a Week, Special Food, and to give Their Children the Attention. Show that you are interested in what you have done during the Day or in the School, to hear empatischem. Children are very sensitive and, as you know, if you are serious, or that’s the only way to stop mobile Phones and tv, read no Newspapers or Magazines, to know that “sit” on the Table with Her. I see a lot of Parents who do this, and wonder why Their Children are not always happy, if You thought that if I spent all this Time with You. 3. A fun Activity, the Hours of the Night to play a few Activities with the Family. Turns, so that each Member of the Family choose the Activities in the games. I for the Planning of this Activity, with my Family, a Month before, because it can increase the Enthusiasm of my Children. The activities, which are, in General, of the Games, such as Monopoly, Risk and Scrabble. I still remember with Excitement in an entertaining game and fun Activities for the Kids, my younger Son, held a particular Month. It was the Month of Easter, and you’ve worked hard, who has collected more than Shells of eggs to paint easter eggs. Later, the Eggs were hidden and we have been Notes, you can find the hidden Eggs. My whole Family loved this Activity, so I promised to play with us next Year, and already the name “easter”. 4. Read to Your Child, or encourage them to Read, it is one of the many Activities for Children, to encourage Parents to begin at an early age, you Can, if You have still Children. You can’t understand what he Reads, but I like the Sound of Your Voice.

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