My Mom Speaks Fluent English And French

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1. Get your nose out of the books. Reading can help vocabulary, but reading does not help much. Instead, listen to native speakers of the English language, and is to be read as one with English subtitles.

2. There is no more excuse. Many of my colleagues complain that their English is very fluent, because Im not a native speaker environment. It is true that the transition from an Englishspeaking country can help, but, of course, is not necessary. You will lose no time to think, and complain that the current level of English.

3. The process of learning the English language of the Vulgar language, verbs with prepositions and idioms. Most of real spoken English is very simple. The key Is to learn to talk, better you focus on your weak points. The official language Is English, the conversations are the best for this. Make sure you have a PDF file for transcription, so that you know exactly what the speakers say.

4. The Practice Of Oral Sex. I know that sounds strange, but it is a good idea. Record your voice and listen. You can improve your taste, after a few times.

5. Studio in every day, between 15 and 40 minutes. If you are planning to study for a long period of time to forget about the brain, a lot. Make sure that learning English on a daily basis, and there is no excuse. No matter how busy you are. Each one of us is at least 15 minutes per day. Now you can learn on your MP3 player while driving or in the subway, however. You can also study while you are going for a walk or to the gym.The world is changing so quickly, and that is a big advantage, so you will be able to speak English fluently, in order to advance in life. But 10 years ago, the world was very different. The slow internet connection, there were no ipods, and most English language training programs are terribly boring and out of date. In that moment, it was the only way to improve your English, which was the Transmission of an Englishspeaking country. Now, there are some very good online Englishtraining programs for teaching English to native speakers use in real life.

Things are very different, and the situation is only to improve the online training. Most of the students of the English language, something I cant use the unique opportunity.

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