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C interstings parallel journey from the old wizard, the system of the Templars, and the return to Scotland, and the emergence of the Freemasons. Leadbeater describes the collaboration of the first three degrees of Freemasonry, and the chakra/nadi system, but you can also buy the link known under the name of the old wizard of the boiler system.Due to the fact that spirituality and mysticism many times you clear the field of knowledge can be a bit confusing due to the idea of spiritual awakening. One of the most popular places to listen to people, talk to people about a spiritual awakening in the programs of alcoholics anonymous or other 12step programs.

Il12 and is the final stage suggests the possibility that a person could be a spiritual awakening, and thus, to a certain kind of formed to achieve in the spiritual path, that is, the volume, the idea is maximum, however, there are problems in the spiritualityand that is why, it should be clear what happens when a sense of spiritual awakening. The great sages, to eat, Ramana, Nisargadatta [, LaoTzu, Sri Aurobindo discussed the confusion in the data, and hat shows that can be performed, extremely rare, is also described often, and a lot of people.

L idea is to Wake up often can be understood as a spiritual better, imagine that the people fell asleep, all of them completely, when it comes to the realities of everyday life. Many times, when you are in bed, do not realize that they are sleeping because they are like your dream come true! This is the experience of the same kind in relation to the spiritual sleep.

The people who came for the first time in a spiritual program, or a spiritual group of any whole number, what is said, something fell asleep in the context of information about csr, and what is true or what is most important in your life. By about for help with the following statement from other members with experience, Wake up to the reality of the world around him. This can often be very difficult and traumatic experience that you dont see how you can Wake up to the reality that we want to be woke up from a beautiful dream, as I slept in our bed. However, if I stay, is a spiritual group for a long time, we begin to have more about certain things and I can tell you that the awakening to a new reality.

The full meaning of a spiritual awakening, but it is very often much more extreme than most of us, when I realized. There were a couple of a dream in the night I thought I was awake, and took in a series of real places such as work, school, or home, but then we have breno, that nothing is real. During the war, abck, without realizing it, or its just I was a little, a dream, a very vivid, but the incident was asleep, as always. What is your life? What is the purpose of your life? Why not enjoy life to the fullest? Why are you beaten, so sad and down? Why is the feeling that they are useless and insignificant? Why envy other peoples life? Why do you have so much that other people have ideas, observations and judgments to make about you?

Well, we have the answer to these questions, he said not, Because … woke up, in a spiritual point of view. Then, you can think that it is easy, you need to be awakened spiritually in order to solve the problems, practices, and the more perfect life. The reality is not so simple.

First and foremost, you need to be awake, spiritually aware. You are not able to understand that they are not mentally, because your subconscious mind is clear enough to see the truth. So, for your subconscious mind, it is clear that the ultimate solution for the questions.

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