How To Make A Magic Folding Cube

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Between the towel origami to create a video tutorial and other bed linen origamiheadsegment, there are more than 30 movies in the mail!!!!! This is a beautiful and fun, the makeup, the magic, the love of his children, and the authority, before the end of the matter.

Take a fruit, role, and cut a small part of it. Threeinchsquare, of the great works. Insert a coin in the middle of the fruit roll. Fold the bottom edge of the upper part of the room. Do not touch the edge. Tower and fold the edges toward the inside in the direction of the other. Now you have three folds. The last folds on both sides and ends left and all the others. The celebration of the first time, in the right hand between the thumb and index finger, push the knob to the top, from the curve at the end of the tour, so that the fruits of the place. A shift of the curve towards the top, and the light comes on. If you have a penny, then, the first of his blindness. During the rotation of the fruit, we can move the piece with the left hand, without an audience to see your company.

For the ten percent, which is now in the hand, the eye, and continue to bend the free ends of the fruit rollup, it seems to me that, when all the edges are bent. No matter how to add the last part, because the piece has disappeared. On the left side is actually the result of a breakdown of about a square inch of the mass of wrinkles.

Are you hungry? This is the fun part. Give the fruit in your mouth and chew. Not to those that are available to the public. Invite your friends to see your mouth, if you chew. To open the mouth, so that you can see, has no dime inside. When he heard chewing the fruit, and let your audience see the empty space in the mouth.

Then I chewed the fruit, put the coin in the pocket of the pants, to see, all. I think that in order to overcome the dime or be eaten. He scratched his head, as the magic tricks work. Remove the piece of trousers, without to show to the public, and then put the hand behind the ear, volunteers, and the magic to pull on the coins, as you have thought which the fruit is eaten.A dollar bill magic trick is a must for amateur and professional magicians. They are also very good if you want to, add some things, the other for your party. Everyone likes something to do with money. With dollar bills, there are a variety of ways.

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