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My mother began to meditate for decades, long before the practice of quieting the mind had entered the public consciousness. Today at 81, he spent a week meditation group and a loan of Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Buddhist monk practice known as mindfulness meditation, or ‘highlighted consciousness. Although meditation is not exactly the mainstream, however, the practice of many, hoping to combat stress and health problems related to stress. mindfulness meditation, in particular, has become popular in recent years. The practice involves sitting comfortably with a focus on breathing, then bring the presence of mind to focus without past activities and future concerns. (Or, as my mother would say, ‘are not tragedies. Do not borrow trouble.’)But as is the case with many other alternative treatments, meditation much evidence of efforts to promote mental and physical health is not just okay. Why? First, many studies do not include a suitable control treatment compared with meditation. Secondly, people most likely to volunteer studies, meditation has often already been sold to meditation and therefore is likely to have positive effects.But when researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD screened nearly 19,000 of meditation studies, 47 studies dealing with these issues, and have reached the criteria for a well-designed study found. Their results were published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, it shows that mindfulness meditation can help relieve psychological stress, such as anxiety, depression and pain.Dr. Elizabeth Hoge, a psychiatrist at the Central anxiety and stress disorders at Massachusetts General Hospital and assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, says that awareness of meditation is quite logical to treat anxiety. ‘People with the disease have trouble dealing with intrusive thoughts, which is too much power, ‘he explains. ‘They can not be separated from the concern and the idea of solving persistent problem, which is not good.’If he cared unproductive, says Hoge, you can train yourself to experience these thoughts in a completely different way. ‘You may think I’m late, I could lose my job if not arrive in time, and it is a disaster! ‘Mindfulness teaches,’ Oh, this idea again. I have been here. But it is just that, an idea rather than a part of my soul for yourself, says Dr. Hoge.One of his recent studies (included in JAMA, Journal of Internal Medicine) found that programs to reduce stress Attention helped relieve symptoms of anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, people, space for the hard seal control anxiety, sleep disturbances and irritability. Kontrolliryhmässä- people who have improved, but not as much as other meditation groups generally stress management techniques are taught. All participants received the same amount of time, attention and interaction with the group.To get an idea of mindfulness meditation, try accounts led by Dr. Ronald Siegel, assistant clinical professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Harvard psychology. They are available at www. any problem. com.Some people think that learning techniques and practice of the group’s attention is particularly useful, says Dr. Hoge. Mindfulness-based training reduces stress developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, MA, is now widely available in cities across the United States. It was very interesting to me, because I’m not the type of person who wants to write about things I know. But in fact, it has proved very useful; When writing everything you need, and you can see the whole page (or pages, and if you are stressed!) Begin to understand how to handle it is!I think physically write a small book of any kind is the best technique, because it is less likely to find a YouTube video chat and is likely to hold. I think next week I’m more focused on the treatment of my stressors directly and end of the week, my list was significantly lower.So it is quite similar to the stress of the magazine, but instead of writing a list of everything that stresses you write a list of everything you want to accomplish for that day! Pour a small step in the dams, because it makes you feel more motivated and has achieved more.

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