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When this occurs, you will have a lower adrenline is released, which makes you feel even more anxiety. You’re stuck at the beginning of the problem, which causes anxiety, which causes worry, which causes more anxiety, and so on… This can leave a feeling of tension and nervousness, you may feel your heart beating a little faster than normal. It may be that the chest seems a bit better. You can keep your mind racing and prevent the body to relax when you try to relax or sleep at night. Feel the edge and narrow, often not thinking clearly, concentration, and focus is lost. All of the answers, you can feel drained, tired and depressed, Which causes more anxiety. Before you know it, you are trapped in a vicious circle difficult to break. “But why can’t I think logically about the situation and rationalize to prevent anxiety?” That’s why… they are powerful Ways of things. Repeat a sufficient number of times, and our subconscious begins to do it without thinking about it. And this is exactly what happens in the majority of cases, the anxiety. It has become a habit. Very strong and wear usually. And the most deeply rooted habits are hard to break. Scientists call these different ways, air conditioning and responses. Which means…? You may be familiar with pavlov’s science experiments, that is conditioned responses in dogs using the sound of a bell. Every time Pavlov rang the bell, gave the meat to a dog food. After repeating this process several times, the dogs began to drool, before you even see the food. The air conditioning, the sound of the bell. Your brain has started to associate the bell with food, the answer was, his mouth started watering. So, what does this have to do with anxiety? Well, in the same way that the dogs were conditioned to salivate by a bell, that you have been conditioned to become too anxious thoughts and stress. Your amygdala has become hard-wired over time to react to the anxiety, thoughts, mental images and emotions. Every time a slight concern, and this is the thought in your mind, or are facing a stressful situation, the automatic response is anxiety. And, like any other habit, such as smoking or stop eating junk food, which can be very difficult to break. Why? Because the processes occurring in the amygdala are outside of awareness. But a few simple steps you can indirectly reprogram your amygdala NOT to trigger the anxiety response… How to get rid of Anxiety, Usually in order to break your anxiety habit you need to reprogram your brain to react differently to worry, I thought the sand in situations of stress. This is what is covered in AnxietyZap “Break the Habit.” Here, you can learn how to recognize what triggers the anxiety.

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