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Before going further, it is a long post, so feel free, to Your Favorites add, if you want to come later. Therefore, based on the Principle that I am a Beginner and I don’t know a lot about this Topic dream awake is essentially the Ability to “awaken” Your Mind and Control the Dream. You can do almost everything, and this is a real Feeling. That is, with the Condition that I do not know yet, that the lucid Dream. Don’t Worry, click on open in a new tab, so don’t miss out on this Page. Well, if they are out of the Way, we can begin to talk, the easiest Way to dream the Night. If You know a little bit about what that is much more reasonable. Talking is the best Way for a lucid Dream to fall. Therefore, there will be a mp with a couple of Training opportunities for those who want fast Results. This is the best Way to get Results quickly. Are not guaranteed, and is not for everyone, but if You want to skip the Basics (and not only Dives to the right, do not know how to do it.. this is the first Lucid Dream? Something to think about before Diving in, if this is Your first Dreams or not. If You have never done it before, and I’m looking for a Way to speed up the Process and get faster Results, so it is good to Read. If You are looking for a Way to lucid Dream Last Night, and is the first (what a Joy!) so, I need to explain a number of Things. A Dream is very intense, and the Experience is for each individual. If you do not want to try it, don’t do it. It is not as dangerous as normal sleep, but on an emotional Level, You can try Things that you’re not ready.Have you ever wondered what it would be like, to get Your Mind to Control and influence Their Dreams? For Things to experience during Sleep, which thou wast Afraid of, or not, in real Life, like kissing Your Favorite Actress, to steal, to be a hero, or simply evaluate the different Solutions to Your Problems? It may be that I don’t want to forget the Dreams of better? It is understandable that he is right.

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