A Honest Review of How to Read a Man, Is this a Scam?

Thanks for checking out my website, if you want to discover if Mark Scott’s “How to Read a Man” Is a scam or actually delivers, then you have come to the right place.

Product Name: How To Read A Man-readman
Publisher Web Site: http://www.howtoreadaman.com/
Trial period:60 Days

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I have however actually purchased this product and what follows is an honest unbiased, review of the content and I do feel that you should read this first as it contains essential information you should know before making any decision.

What exactly is Mark Scott’s “How to Read a Man” and what do you get if you choose to buy?

“How to Read a Man” is a comprehensive guide aimed at women who would like to either:-

Improve the relationship they have with their current man or

Know how to have a better relationship with their next man

You will get immediate access to the following guides, this is the “How to Read a Man” manual:-

Core Concepts

  1. How to push his secret “Hot Button”
  2. Psychological tricks to become the ultimate “Guy Magnet”

You also get immediate access to the following 6 bonus reports:-

7 deadly mistakes which could ruin your relationship

  1. Reader questions and answers
  2. Why men lie and how to make them tell you the truth
  3. How to keep him hooked
  4. How to have your needs met
  5. How commitment works for a man and how to make him commit

Also every 14 days Mark will also e-mail you at no extra cost 1 of the following 5 reports:

How to read a man’s mind and figure out what he’s thinking

  1. How to get a man to do just about anything
  2. How to stop being a nice girl and make any man want you
  3. What do men really want in a woman
  4. Why is it that men can’t say what they mean or do what they say

So that’s what you get but will any of it actually work?

The honest answer from a man is a somewhat worried YES, whilst reading through the guides I was surprised at how many “theoretical” situations I could recall experiencing myself during past relationships.Obviously when problems arise in a relationship rarely is one person solely to blame, but the guides have given me a better insight as to why I reacted the way I did and how easily arguments and conflicts could have been avoided.

For example did you know that to a man the need to feel respected is more important than love?Think about this for a second your man probably knows that you love him, but does he know that you respect him also?

Can you recall a situation or argument when you know that you may have spoken to your man disrespectfully? Can you remember the reaction; I bet it made the situation a whole lot worse.

Now Mark doesn’t advocate that you will have to treat your man like a King or wait on him hand and foot in order for your relationship to improve, rather he explains various methods in which you and your man can converse as equals and therefore have mutual respect for one another.

In each chapter there are several examples, of typical arguments with usual responses, then the responses that Mark suggests, and having experienced many arguments myself it is clear how much better things could have gone! The given examples do need to be adapted slightly to better suit individuals, but the general idea of how to turn situations to your advantage is obvious!

How To Read A Man Review

Can you actually get a man to do anything you want?

Hopefully not anything! I’m sure you felt like pushing your partner under a bus sometimes but having the power to get him to run under it willingly may be a little extreme!However the things that many women complain that their men don’t do or have stopped doing are easily within your reach.

I can personally recall several situations where I had been part way through a task and thought to myself “how the hell have I ended up doing this”? Without realising it my girlfriend at the time had actually convinced me that this is what I wanted to do!

After reading the guides I understand now why I not only wanted to do the chores I had been putting off but why I almost needed to do them.

Mark clearly explains how you can get what you want from your man and at the same time fulfil a subconscious desire of his that he probably doesn’t know he has. So in essence you get what you want and he’s grateful to you and wishes to do more of the same!

Are there any bad points to this guide?

Yes, unfortunately just like people nothing is perfect.If deep down you know that your man really couldn’t care less about you (unfortunately there are a few men like that out there) then there is very little that you can do and I would only suggest reading the guide to give you a head start for your next relationship.

There are a few times during the manual that it can appear that the women will have to put in more effort than their partner, but please bear with it, and try to remember that this is how you will get your man to do what you want.

OK, so now the good points!

Well I can honestly say that as a man most of what Mark says about the male psyche, I found to be strangely accurate. Yes it’s true that we are all individuals and that “not all men are the same” but it is also clear that the majority of us do have some very similar traits (good and bad).

I think the key difference in Mark’s guide is that this clearly understands the different aspects of the male mind and that even previously thought of “negative traits” can be turned not only to one person but to both partners advantage.

I’m sure there will be at least 3 examples for any women reading it, where they will be able to say “Yes, I actually said or did exactly that!” and then realise how much more productive the conversation/argument would have been for them if they had said the given examples!

There is no “Magic Word” or spell that will automatically make him your perfect man or “slave” however it does serve to empower women to take control of their relationship by giving valuable insight into the mind of a man, and encourages them to be creative and take initiative into getting what they would like out of their relationship.

All in all I have found this guide to be an invaluable aide in understanding my own mind and truly believe that it will help others to gain more loving and fulfilling relationships by better understanding their men, current and future!

I hope that this guide has been of use, and wish you every success and happiness in your relationships.

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