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In October Man Sequence mentioned in ‘The Game’ by Neil Strauss, and it has become a bit ‘legendary. Apparently there is a new seduction technique, which should be able to make a woman want to go to bed with a man in minutes.When it was published as an electronic book, the sequence of October man he has caused a controversy in dating and seduction community. There have been calls to ban books – because if it falls into the hands of people without scruples, you can easily damage the women.The sequence Oct. man was created a member of the community meetings and seduction called Twotimer (of IN10SE known later). It ‘was one of the game’s main’ characters, and was also a protected maker parjausten Speed Seduction Ross Jeffries. Twotimer it created the series based on a method derived from neuro-lingustic field (NLP) and hypnosis splitting.It IN10SE using the sequence of October Man is such as to bring nuclear weapons to a stroke. Because the basic sequence is ‘symbolic’ as the theory of psychology, to control a symbol associated with a person often it means control their emotions at will.This is dangerous because the victim is often unaware hypnotized, and leaving it vulnerable to manipulation. In addition, it feels pain or pleasure, the intention of man, and become transferred to its total thanks.The ebook October Man sequence is a complete description of the sequence, as well as dozens of other prohibited as the door, ” death ” Install the disease ‘and’ My Slave ‘. The latter is used a woman to become a ‘sex slave’ – absolutely disgusting.In addition, there is also a boyfriend section Destroyers – things a person can do to question the woman tied to his love for their partner. bad things, of course.This information really should be banished from the earth, because of the damage inflicted on women. A psychology student and persuasion, it is best to download the book just to see how the knowledge of psychology can be completely transformed seemingly innocuous.