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Management could be an emergency, when the study door and vehicle checks everywhere, so you and your family will have no other choice than to develop inland. 40 pounds of waste in a bag strapped to his back. bear children. mountains.in a car accident. Maybe you come home with his family. You, of course, the simplest way known to man, in the middle of the night, when the vehicle is at risk of slipping the railing and throw yourself down a mountain. Like a miracle she survived, but we understand that we can not see the car. You have no choice but to break out of the window, climb a mountain cooked and ran for help.
Kidnapped. Somehow, they were taken out of the cabin in the woods. By a stroke of luck, and hie begins cabin escape through the forest, but the kidnappers are not far behind. In this case, the person in the best condition to win. Who can take longer to win ,.
EMP. Solar flare EMP strike or removed from the network and all vehicles. If you want to find a different place than where you are, you are likely to go. For example, if you work you go home for a family trip. regardless of distance, regardless of the terrain, you better start walking now.These examples are, of course, what happens when you need something to escape. What about long after the days of the first accident, plowing fields, cutting wood and getting water?Since Prepper level of health and fitness may be the most valuable asset. As important as tools, weapons, and plans to use the body for a long time, when the difference between life and death.And it all starts with a walk.Of course, there are many components of fitness and, ultimately, we talk about everything. But the best place to start tying sneakers and walking.(I say this because I have done according to the law, you should consult with your doctor before or exercise program.)When people start walking programs tend to make two errors.1.) push too hard and end up going wrong on the first day, which has been delayed muscle soreness is expected to be almost paralyzed.2) Do not press hard enough and leave the other starting substances breathlessness.The starting point depends on the condition, of course, but it can be difficult to assess, since he moved to sit behind the desk in the office to sit behind the sofa at home. I usually recommend starting with 30 minutes.If you are really sedentary, do not kill yourself trying to walk fast for 30 minutes. You are very comfortable walking speed for at least five minutes to warm up the body. Because the speed up to the point where contact is possible but not a super-light. If enough of this chatter heart rate is limited to short words of Shakespeare monologues. If the point where you can not get a word was said at one time, you’re working too hard and need to slow down.If you want to slow down, do not stop! Go slow and easy pace. This is for you, for improved durability. If you do not have symptoms of a heart attack itself (extreme shortness of breath, fainting, dizziness, pain in the arm, etc.), which moves slowly when the break.About 5 minutes before the end of March to fall back into the rhythm of a little cold.rises condition, you can make the most difficult situations and deal with things. You hills, obstacles, speed, carrying a loaded container, or go for the challenge.Dog. Walking the dog-E-VER! Walking the dog is a great way to stay motivated and not only to lead a healthy pet, but can be a better and well-behaved.Type. It keeps touring son. Similarly, we are much less likely to interrupt our walk to a friend, if you will not be disappointed when they do not show up.

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