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There are six Linux operating system, which is compatible with the PS3, but the yellow dog is built specifically for the PS3, and is the most interoperable Linux operating system on the PS3. Another Linux like Ubuntu, Fodera, Kubuntu can be installed, but my personal recommendation is YellowDog and Ubuntu.Yellow Dog is designed specifically for the PS3 and made available only to users of the PS3. YDL has more than 2200 applications and accessories that give you the ultimate experience of a desktop computer.
Ubuntu is an operating system built by a team of expert developers worldwide. Contains all the applications you need: a web browser, office suite, media apps, instant messaging and more.Fedora is not a good choice for the PS3 at this time because it does not optimize and slower necessary Ubuntu and YDL.

Edubuntu – packed training so that the content guess (I have not tried it so can not give useful information in this case)Kubuntu – KDE will use that looks closer to the color of the application windows and standard menu. It also offers more options to configure applications and the desktop.Xubuntu uses Xfce is good for old computers, computers with limited RAM or as storage resources, but is also good for a new team, if you want a tilt system.The best Linux and Ubuntu would YellowDog.Recently Yellow Dog (YDL) – the last yellow dog, which is 100 free and compatible with the failures of PS3 is the best choice for Linux. YellowDog looks a little geek, but it gives you the full experience of running a personal computer. You can use the mouse, keywords, external hard drive and do much more YDL.YellowDog has more than 2,000 applications to make life easier – more than any issue of shares moment.Yellowdog Linux Linux has been developed specifically for the PS3 operating system to perform most PC functions.

PS3 may be a film, an MP3 player, watch home videos. yellow dog over 2000 applications – web all browsers, OpenOffice, DVD player, chat, office, email programs, games, almost everything you need on your desk … games, graphics, office, Internet programs , tools programming Microsoft-compatible office.Last Ubuntu Linux – Ubuntu, on the other hand, is easier to use look much better, but is not optimized PS3 YellowDog. Even large applications, such as video player, MP3 player, web browsers available for Ubuntu, but lacks development tools and programming, of course, many of us do not need. If you are more willing to undergo an attractive graphical operation since Ubuntu is the way to go. Ps3Magic lets you install Ubuntu YellowDog and both at the same time – you can change the operating system when the PS3 lights and experience, as well as, where appropriate.Ps3Magic What to do?
If you still can not install Linux on the PS3 and deceived guides and software for all steps online feel – all I can say is it’s not your fault. I do not know how they’re all confused. Here’s how to choose the right Linux for PS3 and how to install without technical problems.
Ps3Magic will do just that.Ps3Magic is an easy to use guide that takes all the guesswork, and help install Linux on PS3 without problems.With Ps3Magic you can install yellow dog (even the latest version!) And even in Ubuntu Linux.If you do not, you can play movies, music and most other types of media file formats generally not supported PS3.
It is never possible to play the file again!Yellow Dog Linux with Windows or Linux Ubuntu – according to your wishes.Ps3Magic has also been updated to install Windows. If you are not familiar with the Linux operating system, so our product will also help install and run Windows smoothly on the PS3.Receive free lifetime updates and support for the latest features available PS3.Take frustration and time to install Linux or Windows on your PS3 quickly and easily with this new software Guide – Ps3Magic! YellowDog install Ubuntu Linux on PS3 or problems even if you have no technical knowledge PS3
PlayStation3 – The most powerful game console planetIn general, game consoles are designed for foreign systems can run, but PS3 goes all the opposite direction, so that experienced Linux users to adapt their systems. Most games are ‘locked’ so that other systems can not work, so the PS3 is unusual to give this.What it is really great about the PlayStation 3, which is – which is the same processor used in some advanced IBM systems. So you can use the PS3 as entertainment, gaming consoles, and the front end of the system of super computer for better performance, game development, web software, OpenOffice, movies and other forms of activities we have on the desktop . the only thing you can do on PS3 to run accelerated graphics.