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Official Website     ..Hola, mi nombre es Juan Alonso Velásquez Toro y el pensamiento y la confianza. Quiero ayudar y aquellos que quieren alcanzar sus sueños y apoyo. Prometer y mantenerlo.empresarios y emprendedores que quieren iniciar un negocio en línea para apoyar. Quiero trabajar para hablar de todos los buenos amigos con otras tribus que apoyan la creación de metas y objetivos.Es necesario abrir en línea, y la cara; Resolución de problemas técnicos; dando muchos dolores de cabeza.Mi objetivo es ir a su negocio y puede ser activado. Usted sabe lo que puedo reducir mi esfuerzo? ¿Sabe usted cuánto tiempo puedo propiciarte economías?Si usted está buscando a alguien confiable para apoyar y unir al mundo para nosotros. Mi objetivo es tener éxito.Gracias, gracias, gracias, aprecio, bendiciendo más. Los datos, estoy feliz. . . Y escucha esto, y visualización: sí se puede!
Cuando esto sucede, un desafío técnico cuando no quiere saber más, y la desesperación y la ira contra Desiertas. Pero estoy muy contento de reunirse con un experto en lo que querían aprender, para llevar mi negocio a otro nivel. Y esta es una manera simple de explicar las cosas, he aprendido a hacer, y ahora estoy feliz sueños. Juan Toro Gracias por su dedicación, apoyo y paciencia..Pero desde el inicio del proyecto, es un desafío, pero cuando la persona que puede dar más de una, de buena fe, el compromiso y la dedicación, todo fluye mejor. Juan Toro no sólo ayuda a los retos a los que guía y apoya un enfoque holístico con un gran potencial para la estimulación, que es un líder natural con excelente gimnasio. Para mí fue una gran inversión, yo creo que hay que tener en cuenta al iniciar un negocio en línea. Y esto lo digo objetivamente, porque cada cliente. . . John Gracias por un buen amigo, un compañero maravilloso, y el mejor asesoramiento sisepuede..Le puede pasar a la mente cuando vivimos hoy en día, para compartir su experiencia un verdadero experto, Hangouts de Google+ y Juan Toro, lo que hace que todo sea mucho más fácil, y la capacidad de transferir información mucho más fácil y más rápido gracias a la cabeza de Ai aujourd Juan Toro todo honorarios..Aprendiendo a Juan Toro es un gran privilegio, en primer lugar, como siempre actualizado con herramientas avanzadas para iniciar un negocio en Internet; En segundo lugar, porque enseña a los recursos de enseñanza y aprendizaje para facilitar la solución efectiva. Muy especial para tener un extra para mantener la fe y dar un ambiente cálido especias humanos. El mayor placer de ver el progreso de sus estudiantes y de tener en sus manos el éxito de su lema: se puede!

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I won 60 customers who pay in less than a month.I opened my health, nutrition and fitness training studio Cyprus.I created a 6 digit income (€ 8,000 per month) training, seminars and products within 6 months.I did it when I was working only 12 hours per week – and spend my free time to live and to find satisfaction.then I started business workshops to show other coaches, experts, consultants, speakers and authors how they could do the same.

I spoke in more than 50 live events in the company and to attract customers in several countries including the UK, USA, Cyprus and Romania.I created a consulting and mentoring other coaches helped their zero income increased to € 8,000 a month – within 90 days.I helped coaches and experts in all sectors (life, confidence, health, relationships, etc.) in countries around the world.No matter where they are or what the economy got my instructor helped them.I opened another business training / training in Europe, generating over € 25,000 per month, and four coaches we work (all within 6 months of opening).

Now I personally goes to some of the great people of the 7th 8th generation life and trainers and speakers on how to complete the live event, and dominate your niche.The question you might ask … how the hell can still reproduce and again – even in countries where no one has heard of me?The truth is that there is nothing special about me.But there is something very special about the secret I discovered …The secret of my rapid revenue growth and freedom as coachI thought that my income, my freedom and achievement in business reduced to one thing … Expert Suite Authoritytm.

I realized that to stand out in a competitive market can not just be good at what you do …People need to know that you’re good at what you do.I realized that I had to dedicate myself to learning the art and science to create what I call the authorities located experts.Should people seeking help see how the expert on the subject.They want the confidence and peace of mind knowing that you can help them if they invest in you.But this is not enough.Many coaches like walking encyclopedia, but without any income. This is because you must be able to communicate with your market in a way they understand and female.It was the next thing I knew my expectations need to see that I was an authority in my field.The ‘authority’ expert is well-known, respected, and seems to have ‘seen everywhere. ‘The status of ‘authority’ like a celebrity people in your market.When you put these together and they are seen as supporting the people immediately Authority experts number 1 person looking …… And they will be expected to pay higher rates to work with you.But there was another secret to surprise me ….I learned to create the status ‘Expert Authority’ was reproducible and predictable system.A process which can not produce any coach or expert with a passion to help people.At first it seemed crazy.How would this be a success as my market and be a speaker in demand – even though he was still in training new and no one knew me several months before!It was when I studied everything I had. And the appearance of the system. He was followed certain rules or ‘laws’ that positions me as the Authority experts to dominate my market quickly and almost effortlessly.People know me ….Customers were desperate to work with them. For the first time, it was now a waiting list and was forced to set up my own expense!I work on my agenda.Customers come to me.

With the new job, he lived at the end of life on my terms, earning money earned, and enjoy the freedom and help people change their lives.So why ask coaches and experts around the world to help meThey know they can not solve alone.And they’re tired of working long hours for customer requests.They were excited to work for low and unpredictable incomes.They had many customers with low wages is not the value of the advice given and not related.And they were more concerned about the new coach without knowledge, without passion or experience to enter the market, undercutting.Coaches and experts have earned my help to know that they were going to their small business training gave them a predictable income, low voltage, a lot of free time …… And being so unique that could never copy competitors.The best part is, it does not matter if 1-1 instruction, group training, workshops, or if you want to build a passive income streams online for information …Creating an Expert Marketing Authority sites the secret of success.

It operates independently of the city where you live or the services it provides.Just imagine …Being able to choose to work with, and when they have access to you …To be able to command the highest price in your area …And building a loyal list of followers hunger willing to hear more from you.Great coaches and experts to change lives lifestyle they deserve their ownBut the truth is that most coaches invest in their businesses.

Be sure to invest more in training and certifications. But usually it’s fear and stay in your comfort zone, right?(Come on, be honest. I told you that I am where you are …)We can ‘hide’ behind new coach or Advanced psychology do and say we’re going to focus on the activity ‘later’.The truth is that your income will increase only when you invest in your business and your marketing to include the expert authority in your field.But most coaches and service experts can not invest in marketing.

They do not have the courage to be themselves, and so they end up looking like any other coach thier the same industry.

They are too busy getting into arguments with other coaches on Facebook are sure they are busy …The coaches can ‘see’ a happy and successful in your profile … but really your lifestyle, bank accounts and stress levels all show a very different picture.Sounds familiar, right?So, I want to delete the coaches at the time.Not my coaches Academy Expert Authority. No coaches do not invest in learning their income and lifestyle of the people grow I have.However …

If you are an ambitious coach, passionate, well, who knows help more people, but will have great income and more free time …

And I think the marketing Created, unique and authentic giving people value the bridge between your message to the market …… It might be a good choice for the inner circle.This is what you get when you invest in Authority Experts Academy TODAY1. Monthly Newsletter 15+ online growing every area of ​​your businessOverhelmed is a big problem for many trainers and entrepreneurs.But if they had been apart, step by step on how to improve all areas of your business?This is exactly what will the monthly newsletter.This will keep watch over the place for information and to focus on what are the specific steps you must take to reach more customers and create expert Authority marks recorded speed.Covers every month for the rest of your business and show you how to get more clients with marketing, and to build scalable business training.The newsletter also will include updates, ideas and case studies in the background of what we do in our training business right now.You have inside information about what works now and leave your competitors in the dust.The exclusive content you will not find anywhere else.Some of the topics you will learn about include: How to identify and find your ideal customer How to communicate with potential customers in a way that builds confidence and a deep desire to work with you Creating digital information products so that you can increase or reduce revenue and make money while you sleep!5 things should have your website to attract prospects and customers (if you do not do that, you lose the money you have on the website at this time)How to use Facebook marketing and social networks in the…………….