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The full course includes grammar, composition and spelling skills in a traditional Framework Text format, similar to a Beka, but less intense. Students Study Guide, tests and answer keys for both included. The topics covered in this group are phrases, letters, punctuation, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, subject, predicate, contractions, homonyms, dictionary use, and the composition of letters and cards’ wise. ‘The spelling is taught in separate classes for each week the bottom of the Study Guide. Students are responsible for only their compositions their skills and spelling words that have already been learned. Many lessons have little time to complete, but the paperwork more time and occasional compositions likely to take much longer. Students should be able to complete most of their classes independently, but at this level of quality still need help in teaching. In addition, parents will evaluate assignments.We wanted to write something more difficult for my 3rd grade this year when he reached the bottom grammar and English. This is the perfect fit for us! It is easy to adapt for homeschoolers and have many additional activities for use. Text work that goes next to what the student is large and, besides the practical work is ideal for when students need more practice in a particular concept. My daughter loves the material and perhaps most importantly, I love it! very little planning in advance is required and it is very simple. I like it hard for her, but arranged in a manner that is easy to learn and requires some planning!

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