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So many of us work in areas where random variability is the main source of the problems we have to deal with: the quality, risk, reliability. But how many of us really understand the key to the analysis of random variability: probabilistic design?I’m sure you’ve heard of Six Sigma, Value Analysis, Value Engineering, Quality Circles, Quality Function Deployment, design of experiments, analysis of failure mode and effects, fault trees, SWOT, which facilitated the process of risk analysis and many other similar systems has been and gone.But let me ask you this. That’s what really understands how to optimize these systems actually the negative effects of random variability are reduced or canceled?How can it be that all spend so much time working on a series of probabilistic issues embedded in the area and yet we know almost nothing about probabilistic design?Well, I think it’s due to the influence of the current domain Taguchi and quality and risk by statisticians. My supervisor told me about a discussion he had with Taguchi on the implementation of basic probabilistic methods: Taguchi rejected anything that is not based on an experimental basis. Statistics also also relies almost exclusively on an experimental approach. On the other hand, probabilistic design uses his knowledge and experience to quickly and easily can design robust systems without time-consuming experiments.

If you have seen the page, then you know how much time and effort I put in understanding the application of probabilistic design robustification and how important I think both are someone like you.I’ve been researching, teaching and applying probabilistic design for years, and during this time I learned three things:The application of probabilistic methods often can break your focus on design and planning, and this makes it difficult to properly integrate into their work.
When enough to use and learn from them in the right way, they become intuitive probabilistic methods. Then they are easy to apply, and then can be easily integrated with other skills and other knowledge.
Nobody seems to explain or teach probabilistic methods in a way that allows people to apply quickly intuitively. In fact, I believe that no one has thought of doing this.Because I know how powerful are probabilistic and how important they are for robust design methods, I think everyone should know how to apply intuitively. The only problem I’ve noticed is that no one seemed to teach this.

That’s why I wrote this book. It condenses what I’ve learned over 10 years in a book for you. It’s not just a summary of what we know, but also focuses only on what you really need to know. All that is just excess or mild academic interest is eliminated. I have only included what I have found to be very useful for the development of a practical and useful capability in probabilistic design.More importantly, it focuses on the development of their practical skills. Instead of just covering the abstract theory, hoping that somehow figure out how to apply on their own. That’s what makes it different from other books on the subject and robust probabilistic design that I bought and read over the years. I developed this e-book for years, while teaching people how to effectively apply probabilistic methods for robust design, and it is with this approach in the application of probabilistic design the e-book was written.Once you read my eBook and learn what is in it, you will be able to design robust systems naturally: systems with high quality and low risk. Also, finally, it has a real and proper knowledge of both robustness and probabilistic design.

So download the e-book now and learn the key robust design that simply will not learn anywhere else. You can learn from my teaching and practice experience in probabilistic design to improve the quality and risk in the systems affected by random variability.

Do you know why you should have a command of probabilistic design?Imagine the feeling that comes with:Naturally, the system design is insensitive to random variability
inherently unreliable systems, which can prevent the identification of
It is that everyone does when chance is causing them a problem of almost incomprehensible quality, risk or reliability
The design of a product of this type that works perfectly resistant even after parts have worn
Detects any risk and quality before they cause any real problems
Properly understanding what it really is and how it works robustification
Being able to use probabilistic design theories to explain the quality problems and risks to humans
Knowing that you can detect and avoid high risk systems
understanding quality problems quickly when others are just stressed and trying to figure out what is happening
Listening to someone talk about the latest quality practice when real fundamental phenomena that make this method ‘new’ work known
People look at you like you’re a magician when he is in trouble impregnated game and find the answer. This is my favorite; something about probabilistic methods simply impresses people.

I can do all these things, so I can say that it feels great when that mystery that many of us associate with the random variability is gone.Quality problems disappear
The risks are quantified and plotted
You can focus on the development, and not worry about the uncertaintiesIt is much safer to develop systems. You know it will be tough and not cause problems of quality, reliability or risk.In addition, you can anticipate potential problems before they occur and then quickly resolved in later stages of development.Probabilistic design is not as magical as it sounds!I know that everyone seems to think that the application of probability theory is the borderline magic: I see it all the time in my work.However, it also showed me probabilistic methods. I always see how once you get a few key points and ignore the irrational fear that many seem to have in probability and statistics, you can quickly master the probabilistic methods.
Anyone can master probabilistic design.And because of the benefits that come from being able to intuitively incorporate in their daily work, I think everyone should have the opportunity to learn.The only problem is that a lot of people who teach these things seem to want to make it difficult. Or so intense focus on the theory from the beginning that kill the desire to learn or do not think that is easy to learn.I think you should make it as easy as possible for you to be able to learn how to apply probabilistic methods intuitively. And that has been my goal over the years, and it’s something I want to share with you.

Bass Master (Curso de bajo intensivo)

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Música en línea de los cursos permite, por lo general todos los materiales a ser descargados al momento de una compra, por lo que tiene acceso a todos los materiales que necesita, y su mejora es determinado por la rapidez con que desea aprender. Si usted dedicar una cantidad significativa de tiempo en él, definitivamente se puede mejorar mucho más rápido que alguien cuyo progreso está restringido por el tiempo para la lección privada de los instructores.

Usted debe ser capaz de encontrar un adecuado curso de principiantes como de llevar a cabo la investigación sobre los cursos de música disponible en internet. Asegúrese de que su compra le concede acceso instantáneo a todos los materiales que se requieren para aprender y practicar, y no se olvide de comprobar las impresiones para asegurarse de que usted ha elegido un curso de principiantes que sólo consiste en un pago único. Algunos sitios web de cobrar las cuotas de membresía en una base mensual en lugar de un pago de una sola vez, así que asegúrese de que todos los detalles de pago antes de realizar la compra.Online curso de música actúa como una casa de estudio del curso que le permite aprender música desde la comodidad de su casa. Muchos de estos cursos en el mercado hoy en día vienen con bien diseñado plan de estudios y los materiales que son ampliamente preparado. Se te dará acceso a todos los materiales que necesita en el momento de realizar la compra, pero algunos principiantes se pierdan en cómo empezar. Aquí están algunos consejos que le ayudarán enfoque de aprendizaje de manera efectiva.

El estudio de

Música en línea, por supuesto a menudo viene con una variedad de materiales y algunos de ellos son más los libros de texto como materiales que requieren un poco de lectura. Un ejemplo de esto es la teoría de la música libros, que usted estará expuesto a cosas como los patrones de acordes y los fundamentos básicos de la música. Este fondo aprendizaje camino el camino para que usted y ayudarle a entender la música en general en primer lugar, antes de ir para el lado práctico de las cosas. Usted también necesita aprender a leer sus partituras de música antes de que puede pasar a cualquier tipo de práctica.

La investigación

Usted se encontrará con problemas en el camino, pero usted debe tomar responsabilidades de su propio aprendizaje, al tener la determinación para encontrar soluciones. Familiarizar a cómo utilizar el servicio postventa de su música en línea del curso, así que usted sabe dónde buscar ayuda principalmente cuando se enfrentan a cualquier dificultad. También, a tomar la iniciativa para participar en comunidades en línea que complementan su música en línea del curso. Usted puede comenzar a firmar para arriba para los foros donde usted puede encontrar muchos de los miembros que pueden proporcionar valiosos consejos, y también puede marcar un par de recursos en línea que será de utilidad para usted volver a consultar constantemente.

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For more than a year ago, during exercise, walking, walking, exploring deer, moose and game, one of your GPS wrist has been setting the coordinates, logging my location, heart rate, cadence feet, and much plus. It is spreadsheets on my physical activity, as a kind of Fitbit compiled on steroids.I have learned a lot. For example, I have more fear of being hit by a city bus falling off a cliff jump heart rate of 126 against 122. The coolest thing about a GPS based on the wrist for backcountry hunters, however, which it is already available, but where the technology is going.I have been using a Garmin Fenix ​​2. It is capable of storing 1,000 waypoints and 500 tracks, has an altimeter, blank maps (pixelated) and about 50 hours of battery life in GPS mode and black and five weeks in watch mode. Garmin just updated the line with the Phoenix 3 and Suunto makes a quality option at the peak Ambit3, although I have not used either.The big question that if they enter the country this year is that you can get rid of the full-sized GPS lighter option based on the smallest doll? Ed Stafford recently returned from West Papua, a place he says is a legend among scouts for reports of cannibalism and black magic. Being dumped in a remote corner of the world with this nagging thought in the back of your mind may sound like a nightmare for the average person, but I had an excellent time.The survival expert, who is still recovering from frostbite suffered during another trip to Siberia, was the Gobi desert on Saturday, where he is currently walking for 10 days without food and water (and unhealed foot). After this, he flies to Burma for up to five weeks of dispatch and from there to other parts of the world for most of the rest of the year, before giving himself some time in December ( ‘silly season’) In short: . Life is busy, and not much time to get comfortable.He also recently met with Gadiel ‘Cho’ Sanchez Rivera, one Peruvian guide who spent more than two years running the length of the Amazon River (break a world record), and even managed to twist your arm to join another mission. This time, however, the help of Janet Cho girlfriend Laura Stafford as she cycles of Barranquilla, in Colombia, in Buenos Aires. Like its companion, Janet is not one to do things by halves, so turning this trip will not have access to any money at all. My name is Joseph A. Laydon Jr. and I have been teaching wilderness survival since 1991. If you are an avid hunter and serious, camper, hiker, fisherman, expert guide, SAR (search and rescue), combat soldier, … you need to know how to start fire emergency, in addition to using regular matches and lighters and forget I said forget about rubbing two sticks. When your life and life in their care are on the line, no B.S.ing time around rubbing two sticks. a fire emergency is needed NOW! You will know more ways to start fires all emergency survival animators combined television and that’s a stone cold fact!You need to know ways to start the fire emergency forms, because there are times when the confidence matches and lighters will not work. Ultimately you need to know alternative ways to start a fire emergency to save his life and all the surviving dependents. Someone has to take charge, someone has to be the lifeline. It can be potentially protective in this book only survival.Of the 8 elements of survival (fire, water, shelter, first aid, Sign, food, weapons and navigation), pound for pound, fire is the most important. Fire is one of the greatest inventions of all time and reinvented more ways to start preparing the fire emergency anytime anywhere. Let me describe my book.


Bullishvirtual.com Reviews Educación en bolsa al alcance de todos.

Bullish trading strategies options are used when the options trader expects the price of the underlying stock moves up. You need to evaluate how high the stock price can go and the time frame in which the event will occur in order to select the best trading strategy.
very optimistic.more optimistic trading strategies called simply buy put options strategy used by most of the options for novice traders.
moderately bullish.In most cases, once rare actions increase rapidly. Moderately bullish options trader usually a target price for the bull run is set and uses the differential of bull to reduce risk. While the maximum profit is limited to these strategies usually they cost less to employ.
slightly bullish.A little trading strategies are bullish options strategies that make money as long as the price of the underlying stock does not drop the expiration date of options. These strategies usually provide a small downside protection as well. Writing calls outside-the-money covered is an example of this strategy.
Ready to start trading?
Open an account and get tools OptionsHouse.com virtual trade commission + 100 free!His new trading account immediately funded $ 5000 virtual money can be used to test your trading strategies using virtual trading platform OptionHouse without risking hard earned money.
Once you start trading for real, his first 100 operations will be no commission! (Be sure to click through the link below and enter the promotion code ’60FREE’ during registration) Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) held its developer conference last week Oculus Connect and left more optimistic about the prospect of FB virtual and is believed to be well positioned reality this trend. In my view, virtual reality will become the next computing platform and the main entertainment and is the catalyst 2016 when we started seeing the initial consumer adoption. Looking to 2017, games like London have recently introduced the theft or the kitchen is likely to be the initial driver behind the adoption VR, while the video entertainment, business communications, health, play and competition from video games online are the long-term factors. Over time, I expect VR to extend its reach across all industries and change our conventional way of doing things. FB has exposure to this trend with its product Oculus. While it is likely to be the source of income in the medium term the main activity of social networks, company driver VR undoubtedly become the company’s long term. I remain bullish on FB.

Much of the conference focused on developers and software development kits that can be used to add additional features and improve the stability of the product in which VR. Several interesting things worth mentioning: Social VR, Samsung and Oculus team ready to PC.social VR could potentially change the way we communicate and bring a more human and intimate interaction between individuals. In a demonstration, two people were sitting in two separate rooms, but each carries a virtual reality device and interact with each other in the virtual world. The distance between the two people can certainly be extended, allowing people everywhere to have a real interaction with each other through a virtual reality device. This type of social networking Web 2.0 brings traditionally known to the next level where people no longer hide behind the static profiles that do not fully represent your inner self. In fact, the way we communicate is changing.

Cómo Ser Feliz En Mi Trabajo.com PDF 2016

Todos estos personajes son casos de felicidad donde viven su trabajo con una enorme vocación, y no sufren su trabajo, lo disfrutan, es lo que más aman hacer, y como resultado también tienen muy buen dinero.La gente me dice: “Arturo, pero ellos son deportistas y gente del espectáculo, yo soy un simple trabajador o empresario”, a lo que inmediatamente les respondo:¿Tú no puedes Ser Feliz? ellos pueden Ser Felices en su trabajo, ¿por qué tú no?

Este nivel de desempeño lo alcanzan los pocos que realmente son felices con su trabajo, les apasiona y lo viven como una forma de realización personal, además de tener un vida en equilibrio y una salud física, emocional, mental y espiritual.Entonces, si tú quieres disfrutar tu trabajo, tener herramientas para crear ambientes laborales cordiales y altamente productivos, y tener un equilibrio que te permita en tu vida privada tener bienestar, salud, plenitud, satisfacción y por ende ser una persona plenamente feliz, inscríbete inmediatamente, porque este programa expira el Domingo 06 de Marzo y tenemos cupos limitados.Seguramente piensas que es algo sumamente complejo, que es muy difícil para ti o que simplemente no podrás lograr el objetivo.Tranquilo, es muy sencillo siempre y cuando sigas las técnicas y metodologías correctas.Después de años de investigación, experiencias y reunirme con especialistas de diversos ámbitos que nos ayudan a ser felices, decidí crear el programa más innovador que está revolucionando a las personas y empresas de América Latina: ¿Cómo Ser Feliz en Mi Trabajo? ®

Este programa lo he creado porque me interesa ayudar a las organizaciones y ayudarte a ti, a que logren su principal objetivo en la vida: Ser Feliz.En mis años de experiencia, cuando implemento la Certificación Empresa Feliz, los ejecutivos y colaboradores de las empresas me dicen pretextos como “no tengo tiempo para eso”, “tengo mucho trabajo”, entre muchos más. Esto es absurdo, porque tu felicidad debe ser lo principal.

Se que estás ocupado luchando en este mundo moderno, donde cada vez más hay competencia, mayores exigencias en tu trabajo, horarios más pesados, necesidad de hacer más con menos, sueldos que no alcanzan, simplemente la empresa necesita de ti mayor productividad y efectividad, pero no te olvides de lo más importante: Ser Feliz.Durante mi trayectoria he podido trabajar con muchas empresas (desde PYMES familiares hasta corporativos internacionales), donde repetidamente, he visto directivos y colaboradores trabajando en un lugar que odian, que no los hace sentirse realizados, donde dañan su salud física y emocional, donde trabajan por necesidad pero sin amar lo que hacen, atrapados porque ahí ganan buen dinero, pero al final siendo infelices.Al darme cuenta que estamos buscando el éxito y la productividad fuera de nosotros y no dentro, decidí investigar ¿cómo ser feliz en mi trabajo?La información que te voy a proporcionar a continuación, puedo garantizarte que va a cambiar tu vida radicalmente.Así como tú, yo también he sentido en ocasiones que los problemas me agobian, que el trabajo ya no lo disfrutas, y lo haces mecánicamente sólo porque tienes la necesidad de trabajar. Es por eso que quiero compartirte cómo descubrí que puedo ser feliz.Mi nombre es Arturo Villegas, Conferencista Internacional, consultor de negocios y especialista en aumentar los índices de productividad en las empresas. Mi secreto: Elevar los índices de felicidad de los trabajadores. Hoy pongo a tu disposición información surgida de años de investigación, que han ayudado a miles de personas a cumplir su principal objetivo en la vida: Ser Feliz.

My Mom Speaks Fluent English And French

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1. Get your nose out of the books. Reading can help vocabulary, but reading does not help much. Instead, listen to native speakers of the English language, and is to be read as one with English subtitles.

2. There is no more excuse. Many of my colleagues complain that their English is very fluent, because Im not a native speaker environment. It is true that the transition from an Englishspeaking country can help, but, of course, is not necessary. You will lose no time to think, and complain that the current level of English.

3. The process of learning the English language of the Vulgar language, verbs with prepositions and idioms. Most of real spoken English is very simple. The key Is to learn to talk, better you focus on your weak points. The official language Is English, the conversations are the best for this. Make sure you have a PDF file for transcription, so that you know exactly what the speakers say.

4. The Practice Of Oral Sex. I know that sounds strange, but it is a good idea. Record your voice and listen. You can improve your taste, after a few times.

5. Studio in every day, between 15 and 40 minutes. If you are planning to study for a long period of time to forget about the brain, a lot. Make sure that learning English on a daily basis, and there is no excuse. No matter how busy you are. Each one of us is at least 15 minutes per day. Now you can learn on your MP3 player while driving or in the subway, however. You can also study while you are going for a walk or to the gym.The world is changing so quickly, and that is a big advantage, so you will be able to speak English fluently, in order to advance in life. But 10 years ago, the world was very different. The slow internet connection, there were no ipods, and most English language training programs are terribly boring and out of date. In that moment, it was the only way to improve your English, which was the Transmission of an Englishspeaking country. Now, there are some very good online Englishtraining programs for teaching English to native speakers use in real life.

Things are very different, and the situation is only to improve the online training. Most of the students of the English language, something I cant use the unique opportunity.

The Samoyed Dog.Com Reviews

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Samoyed Hardy sweet disposition and was originally used for hunting, herding reindeer and sleigh rides people Samoyeds Siberia. It is said that the treaty Samoyede these working dogs kindly, you can add them to the activities of the family at the end of a day. It was this proximity that creates a sense of trust and loyalty in the race that remains today.The Samoyed came from Siberia in the late 19th century and early 20th century to pull sleds in polar solvents, such as the famous trip to the Antarctic expeditions of Sir Ernest Shackleton solvents. These dogs endured terrible hardships, along with scouts in attendance. Only the strongest and fittest dogs survived such expeditions.An Antarctic Samoyed named Buck is said to be the first brought to England. Queen Alexandra was an enthusiast of the breed and many present-day English and Sammies Americans are descended from their kennels.the first breed standard was adopted in England in 1909. Original Samoyed Club of America was organized in 1923, the same year the standard of the American race adopted.It is known as the ‘smiling Sammy,’ lightly, but perceptible, upturned corners of the mouth Samoyed. This is a happy dog, good character with a glass half full attitude towards life and people living with.Samoyed hobby for humans, probably because of its close association with the Samoyede (now known as the Nenets) has created and has raised thousands of years in the Taimyr Peninsula in Siberia. sleigh rides, reindeer, driven by depressed parts and predators protected Samoyede. Dogs also lived in the village, played with the children (who still enjoy), and helped to keep warm in cold weather.Today, the reputation of the family as intelligent dog Samoyed, worthy is well deserved. He often chooses to purchase a special person in your home, but he is fond of all members of the pack. Happiest when he is part of family life, this race has to be with people. In fact, leaving only a Samoyed is often the best way to make you feel miserable.

Along with his smile, a hallmark of his ultra-thick white Sammy. In the winter months, it is so thick that you can barely see your skin underneath – meaning heavy shedding in the spring. And believe it or not, ‘wool’ Samoyed is a favorite of the weavers; wool is carded, spun and woven or knitted, beautiful clothes warm.As beautiful as it is, Sammy layer is a bear to prepare. The owners must be diligent to ensure brushers tangle and mat. And as you can guess, the time to fall, the amount of white hair around the house, garden, furniture, clothes and sticking to it can be overwhelming. That said, the owner who can handle the responsibility and care of the Samoyed is a feast for the eyes.As friendly and intelligent as this breed is the Samoyed is a challenge to the property. It can be a talking dog, express their likes and dislikes with bellows, howls or barks. It is best to keep this dog busy work, otherwise, it is likely to resort to annoying or destructive behaviors like digging, jumping the fence, throw or chew shoes. Their hunting instinct is strong, making it difficult for him to resist the persecution, rabbits squirrels, or even cats. Even a well-trained Samoyed can not be trusted off leash.Samoyed training is also a challenge. This breed is intelligent and learns quickly, but you need to approach training with the right attitude. Give something to learn; I will not bore you with repetition. Agility and tracking make perfect ” exercises Samoyed thought.

About Our Diet and Nutrition Advisor Course

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Get your dose of calciumrich foods. It is important for a solid foundation inside of your operating system. You can get lowfat milk and other dairy products and green leafy vegetables.

Lie down on the consumption of proteins. Lean meat and poultry, the best. Also, it would be very nice to make variations in the type of protein that the option to put in fish, nuts, seeds, beans and much more.

Whatever you do, you have to take limits of fat and sugar, and serious, in particular in the case of fats, saturated fats. If youre serious, then you need to think of bad LDL cholesterol complications on your system in the long term. If you should know by now, this is a disaster, should not be questioned.
Food and nutrition, that is all. Their efforts, as well as the way in which we take into account this aspect, it defines the way in which you are going to spend the rest of his life. You should know that there is much to appreciate in your life, if you go to the hospital that is responding to a serious health problem after another.You think you know everything you need to know about food and nutrition? Think again. The statistics are difficult to treat, and it has been proven that Americans have gained weight steadily over the past four decades.

Obesity rates have increased from 32 percent of all of us. the adults in 2007, compared with 15% in 1970. For almost 40 years, many Americans have lost sight of diet and nutrition.

So, now, we can see that there is a problem, but how can we solve this problem? This was not a bad ideas about food and nutrition, which has led to the current crisis? The answer to this question: yes.

The new Technology has Led to Our loss?

The driving force of progress in the weight, the explosion was an ideology to change the way Americans think about food and eating, or, as well as for food and nutrition.

To try to understand what happened in the decade of the 1970 s, it can be useful to make a short circuit in a page of history.

After the end of the Second World War, the united States was left with a large industrial potential that has not had any effect, as the manufacturing of bullets and planes were useless. Moreover, in the second World War forced the scientists to create new and innovative technologies to address the challenges in the field of battle. After the war, many scientists and industrialists who are able to transfer in a more peaceful way to say to the public sector, of course! As a result, dozens of products that did not exist before, and has made its way to the united states in the hands of civilians. One of the products of the fast food and the concept of diet and nutrition seemed to disappear.

The Fat Of The Facts At The Origin Of Fast Food

Even though fast food is often associated with a drivethrough, restaurants, the term can also be applied to cooked dishes, such as those found in a grocery store freezer on the island.

Unfortunately, in order to provide consumers with food at prices that are useful and cool, even months after their preparation, diet and nutrition was, and still is NOT considered to be important.

App.Mosalingua.Com PDF

Chaque mot ou une phrase est livré avec un enregistrement et vous pouvez choisir d’ajouter chaque phrase à sa liste de phrases pour apprendre et ensuite étudier l’outil SRS.Le carnet de phrases est assez complet et le vocabulaire a l’avantage d’être naturel. Vous ne serez pas ressembler à un livre ou un voyageur de l’espace à partir du moment de la Révolution française.Evitez également les erreurs embarrassantes.Bonus rester motivé

L’équipe MosaLingua comprend que l’apprentissage d’une langue est pas toujours amusant, et que la motivation est un facteur important de succès.Voilà pourquoi ils ont créé des liens qui ouvrent comme vous vocabulaire. Obligations comprennent des blagues, des conseils apprentissage et la sensibilisation culturelle.

En plus de ces bonus, vous avez aussi accès à plusieurs dialogue de qualité.

La meilleure partie est que vous pouvez écouter ces dialogues avec les sous-titres en anglais ou en français, ce qui est très bien si vous avez du mal à comprendre le français parlé.

Devriez-vous acheter MosaLingua?Très souvent, cela dépend de votre situation. Si vous êtes un débutant avancé français et comprenez le français, mais a du mal à parler, MosaLingua est pas pour vous. Je préfère recommander Français Authentique ici.Toutefois, si vous êtes un débutant ou un intermédiaire novice et qui veulent apprendre un peu de français quotidiennement en utilisant une méthode éprouvée et amusant MosaLingua est impressionnant.MosaLingua est également un excellent français carnet de phrases. Donc, si vous êtes sur le point de visiter un pays de langue française et que vous voulez un accès facile à des milliers de phrases utiles classés par sujet, MosaLingua est ma première recommandation.En fait, je voudrais avoir une application comme MosaLingua alors qu’en Russie la difficulté à trouver des moyens de faire face aux situations de tous les jours en russe.Avez-vous essayé MosaLingua?

Je me demande ce que vous pensez de l’application MosaLingua. Partagez votre expérience dans la section des commentaires de cet article! Avec cette approche, le mot ou la phrase et la prononciation apprendre, mais aussi apprendre à épeler. Ceci est un grand avantage par rapport à des méthodes telles Frenchpod101 seulement apprendre à parler et laisser la composante écriture.Cependant, un aspect important est manquant: la rétroaction. Donc, je recommande également à la recherche d’un partenaire de conversation ou d’embaucher un professeur de français.De cette façon, vous saurez si prononcer les mots correctement.MosaLingua est aussi un grand citations de livres interactifsL’apprentissage du vocabulaire dans un ordre logique est grande. Cependant, il y a des moments où vous voudrez peut-être pour se préparer à une situation spécifique.Par exemple, si vous savez que ça va aller au restaurant le soir, apprendre à demander la facture pourrait être utileCe fut alors que la section «explorer» de MosaLingua est très pratique.

Ceci est essentiellement une phrasebook.Unlike interactive française plupart des applications SRS MosaLingua contient déjà des cartes qui sont étudiées. Cela signifie que vous ne devez pas demander ce que les cartes de créer, MosaLingua a déjà fait tout le travail pour vous.

Tout ce que vous devez faire est d’ouvrir l’application, choisissez votre niveau et commencer à apprendre.

Puis MosaLingua affiche les mots et les phrases à apprendre.

Si vous semblent avoir des difficultés à mémoriser un mot ou une phrase en particulier, l’application effectue régulièrement des tests. Toutefois, si vous connaissez bien la phrase ou le mot que rarement (voire jamais) voir.

Pour vous aider à maîtriser tous les mots de la prière, MosaLingua utilise quatre étapes:

le mot ou la phrase de sons et d’enregistrer vous parler. Ensuite, comparez votre prononciation avec la prononciation native.
Une fois que vous savez comment prononcer le mot, l’application affiche un mot ou une phrase et vous demande de deviner la traduction. Si vous avez deviné droite, cliquez sur «droite», sinon cliquez sur «mauvais».
L’application affiche alors un mot ou expression en anglais et vous demande d’entrer la traduction française.
Enfin, la traduction anglaise est et d’évaluer la façon dont vous connaissez le mot français associé ou sentence.The MosaLingua idée est que vous pouvez apprendre le français beaucoup plus vite si vous vous concentrez sur l’essentiel.

Au lieu d’apprendre des listes de vocabulaire et les règles de grammaire par cœur, apprendre le vocabulaire commun et apprendre la grammaire naturellement en observant comment les phrases sont construites.Tout cela à partir de votre téléphone (Android et iOS).Pour ce faire, utilisez un MosaLingua Anglais SRS. Cela signifie que l’application qui affiche les mots et les phrases étudié plus ou moins souvent en fonction de la bien connue.Si vous êtes un lecteur régulier française Ensemble, vous savez que je recommande toujours applications SRS comme l’un des meilleurs moyens pour mémoriser le vocabulaire français. En fait, je l’ai utilisé beaucoup MosaLingua il y a quelques années pour apprendre l’allemand.applications SRS sont impressionnants, ce qui vous permet de mémoriser beaucoup de pratique vocabulaire quelques minutes chaque jour,Voyons comment cela fonctionne dans la pratique!