Super Treasure Reviews

Super treasure hunt is characteristic of Hot Wheels collection. A model in each batch of slightly modified version of the Spectra Point flame, rubber tires, and (especially) more Deco. They are more in the case, and you’re lucky SOB if you find one.And there is no denying that they are a blast to find. Just today, a friend and her son calls me to tell me that they had in the store and saw the whole diocese. They asked what I told them, and they dug. No luck, but it was fun to see. And they will look again at the next shop. Since you rarely find exactly what makes research fun. I can testify. I remember every minute circumstances I got. (I got four years.)

And it works for Hot Wheels. Hunt for Super created a large amount of additional collectors, many collected but the children, or who cares about cars. And of course, more to the Hot Wheels collectors better sales. To borrow a term from the fast food industry, heavy users collect the toy world.But the Supers also known emphasis on the offensive side of the collection. Collectors harassing store employees, destroying displays and fighting with each other to get a super opportunity. We also look online, as well as the word ‘scalping’ and ‘selfish’ used a little too loosely as a way to shoot down anyone who was lucky enough to find one or a few. How many times have we seen people complain that the reason they were not super, because the scalper or spiked employees first, and the probability is more than just another collector got there before them and had a very happy day.If anyone has any benefit, more power to them. If they want to spend the whole night fighter, good for them too. If the person is found Supers high priority in their life, let them. If it really bothers you, makes finding your Supers also a priority. I, like most collectors, chooses not to, so it’s on me to not be bothered by the guy who passed most of his life hunting.