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If you are found of free energy, you know the necessary parameters that allow the system to operate more than what you put in and none of this has nothing to do with eternity, as opposed to artificial support – sceptiques. Here you will learn are different which will put things in perspective.You will learn many things that simply will change your life. Imagine impress your friends when you can explain how gravity so that eight year old child can understand! There is no such thing as gravity – is not available. They have gone to the ground from the top soon know why.’Much of what is in the media as fact and science is really nothing but a subtle form of advertising for a particular world view. To get out of this network of external influences, the reader must develop more confidence in themselves. So a big problem, such as: ‘What is time? It is not as important as’ How’s my time? The answer to this question will never appear on the evening news.Most important questions of life will never be sold to your television. What is love? What is trust? What is integrity? How can I get answers to questions that do not know how to pray?In quantum key, Aaron shares his journey in this experiment did not disclose the world with honesty, passion and intuition. It inspires and provokes the reader to expand their vision of the world to include these ideas when sold as impossible as unknown. ‘Author Free cold secrets electricity, creator of Secrets DVD machine and the founder of one of the most free sources.Life sometimes gives us a golden opportunity. ‘If we take advantage of them, our lives have changed enormously. If we ignore them, our lives will be, but the change is slow. Quantum Key ™ is a golden opportunity.I urge you to seriously consider the offer. If you are ready to significantly increase the frame and turn the entire universe paradigm into something that shines light into your blind spots, this could be the next opportunity.Let me tell you a little ‘how it came to this training, so you can appreciate what I say.My friends say that I have the ability to manifest ledgendary synchronicity with exactly the right people and events in time.Quantum Key ™ is dedicated to four people. three friends are legendary Rodger D. Estes, John Bedini and Peter Lindemann. The other person that I have ever had the privilege to meet, but notified by email by none other than Tom Bearden.Protected by Rodger D. Estes is not something we take lightly. E ‘was the first non-Chinese to be certified as a teacher in Qigong Qigong delegation in Beijing. Recently Rodger went to the big Qi in the sky as they set sometimes.

Rodger was an inventor, scientist, artist, humanitarian and many friends. Rodger invented sugical retraction devices, network box for children, fail-safe pull the pin on the fire extinguisher, the largest embroidery printing world, various other medical and healing, among others. I worked with Rodger develop new items and can put them in the future.Many things that I still wanted to live in the spirit of the work that I do. This is the best way I know how to honor this great man.Rodger introduced me to John Bedini. In the last seventeen years, I went to John store countless times and saw many deep machines, the radiant energy charging tries in textbooks.Around 2002 or so, John recommended that I read a book by Peter Lindemann. Finally, we became good friends and we work together on different projects.

Much of my research led me to the study of Tom Bearden material. I am the first to take some of his ideas and translate them in a way that everyone can understand without some doctors and an IQ of 200 + I will take a lot of this in the world of consciousness and abundance because all are God-given right know this information.This does not mean that they share the same idea as I do and do not want to bring someone to think they do. The idea is that ideas come together, interact and evolve.In most of my time looking for answers above were the main inspirations for the semi Quantum Key ™.God has deeply blessed me with some of this information for revelation. This allowed me to rebuild what I consider one of the simplest types to connect quantum universe macro that has ever released.


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There was a time all the power of the sun. But they need a modern equipment, if you think you are to the growing needs of modern production. The solar cells, the capacity of several megawatts (mw), to this effect, that it was built. Countries, such as Portugal and Germany are far ahead in the development of alternative energy sources, especially solar energy. The conversion of solar energy, the use of solar cells on the hotel, so that, if the storage of solar energy. The stored energy cannot be used directly. In the first place, is converted into electrical energy. The cells are required to do so. If you purchase the solar panels, should be a good price, the quality, and the first thing that you have selected. We must not forget that these cells, in a permanent way, or at least at a strategic level. The type of solar cells elected in this sense, it is necessary that your higher priority. All these problems can be reduced to the fact that solar energy is expensive. But there is one thing, the stage of decline, reducing the cost of the latest developments in technology, a better understanding of the people. The sun advantage for the conservation of natural resources, you will learn how the sun as the source of data. But there are other benefits. The use of Solar energy is not paid to the environment, is a free product. The production of light energy from the sun is a method that is cost-effective, to the extent possible, the cost of the installation. Never will you be in a situation where the majority of electronic devices, such as solar energy is very versatile, since it can be used for various purposes in the home, such as heating, water and electricity. Management, the role of solar energy equipment, solar energy, information, people and information on the topic of solar energy. The most important concepts, including production, development, processing, storage, and use. The goal of this energy, which leads to a large amount of natural light”, ” plants, plants, solar thermal and solar panels. These cells play an important role in the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. The basic mechanism of the cells, which was used, is very simple, since the individual processes of the application of conversion of light into electrical energy.

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Wind and solar energy, a free safety deposit box. We have only the advantages of the solar energy. The average homeowner should realize that it is a medium that is not expensive, wind and solar energy, and can be added to your home. You have the option for the production of electrical energy. These can be in the cost of energy. The kit contains detailed instructions for the implementation of these projects with manuals and videos. The addition of solar and wind capture systems does not should be expensive option for the average homeowner. Kit with detailed instructions for filling up with books and movies. There is also information that is included in some kit to the dealer, where can you get free batteries to store the energy produced.There are some owners ignore the low-cost options for saving money on your electricity bill and, therefore, it is not surprising that more and more owners of a house, as, in and of itself, and the way to make your home more energy efficient. Small changes can give excellent results. If it is only a change of light bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs, or big things, such as the installation of a low flush wc, each one aware of companies, is a step forward for energy efficiency. Some of the owners feel that their home does not need to be high efficiency, because it is a new construction, that are not broken or that need to be addressed. Two misunderstandings are expensive, of course, not only the house, but also for the environment. The energy audit is a wise investment for many homeowners, the environment to see if your home is in the improvement of energy efficiency. It is advisable that the owners of the bikes, energy consultant are authorized to the organization of the services for the execution of the test. Energy consultants perform a complete evaluation of the structure and provides a detailed description of the updates and renovations.The habitat and the life is less challenging than ever. With all the innovations in the technology of green energy, is without a doubt easier than ever to start converting your home to renewable energy in the home. Eco-friendly energy, the use of energy from renewable sources and products for the supply of electricity, hot water, heating and air conditioning. There are several methods for the design of your home is green-energy strategy. The Solar energy, the sun, the light and heat from the sun, has facilitated the preservation of life. With this said, there are an unlimited number of solar energy that can give much more. With the help of renewable energy sources, the solar energy can give both economic and environmental benefits. Renewable energy sources such as solar energy is an excellent source of electricity. To compensate for the reduction of fossil fuels, you can enjoy large savings for the sustainable use of solar energy.