How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Get Rid of Silverfish can be quiet the task to take on if you don’t know what to do. If you live in any kind of home, you have probably had or will have at some point silverfish. They don’t cause harm to humans, however, they are pesky little creatures that can really destroy a home. They are also embarrassing to have around if you have guests that come over.

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Get Rid Of Silverfish Fast

They love to eat glue in and on walls. If you have wall paper, you probably have plenty of glue to keep thousands of them happy for a long time. They also love to eat fabric, so your closet may be a place you have found them. Mostly, they will live around moist areas, such as the bathroom or basement or crawl space of a home. This can make getting rid of silverfish that much harder.

Oh, just a side note here, they also love to eat cereal. So be sure to keep your boxes sealed tight or you may find your bowel full of silverfish in the morning. I know that’s something you may not have wanted to know, but it’s helpful to understand what silverfish like to eat in order to make getting rid of silverfish easier.

The first step in getting rid of silverfish is making sure you really have silverfish. Silverfish are silvery-gray and may have some  green in them. If what you see is a dark black and white, it’s most likely that you don’t have silverfish and instead have fire-brats. It’s important to know this because while they look alike, they eat and live in a totally different way.

So you have determined that you do have silverfish, what now?

One of the best and probably the safest way to getting rid of silverfish is to find the exact spot of the infestation. Once found, mix some flour, boric acid and water together. Mix it until it makes a light (not runny but not thick) paste. Get some paper or thin cardboard and put the mixture on both sides of it.

When the paper dries, place it in the areas where you think the silverfish might be. You will start to notice that some of the dried paste will go away. This is because the silverfish are eating it. As with any type of pest control solution, keep this mixture away from pets and children, and do not eat or consume it as it is toxic. While boric acid is less toxic than table salt, I still must say “Use at your own risk“.

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Other stuff you must do:

Since silverfish love moisture, getting rid of silverfish means you need to get rid of excess moisture. This could be as simple as fixing any leaking pipes to using a dehumidifier. But the moisture has to go in order to dry up their water source.

Get rid of any food source other than your mixture. Silverfish stay very close to food, by only giving them your mixture, you insure that the infestation will die out quickly.

Seal any cracks or crevices that are around the area with caulk. This may seal a bunch of them up and they will die out and this will help in getting rid of silverfish.

Silverfish also love to live in books and stacked papers. If you can, take infested books and papers and seal them in a plastic zip lock bag. Place these bags in the freezer for 5 days. This will kill all silverfish in those bags.