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The first martial art, in fact, as a result of the Lee for the movie Karate. With schools already well established in the UK, the benefits of this phenomenon comes from the side streets and in school and Church, the corridors, etc. advertising in a blink of the eye, and suddenly you can train with the club! Karate is an art, one of the most wellknown types of martial arts, with a rich history and tradition that spans hundreds of years. And then, clubs Karate began to recover, began, like other combat sports, such as in the Western culture, all of a sudden, struck with the lure of Eastern mysticism and legends. It seemed to be a Know it all. Even if a large part of the criticism of the appearance of my book, I was surprised to discover, through gross ignorance, and the difference between combative training and martial arts. In his words,even if the author cant know what is going on in this book, as well as you can. If you were to get a sort of M. A. class for any period of time, there was nothing of value, so what you want, if not half, of fighting techniques knife. I agree with him.

If you take a type of martial arts to learn, for each period in which there will be nothing, after all, it is possible, by means of the techniques in the book. While Im clearly in the book, not to teach to my effort, special techniques, but techniques, such as driving a vehicle home, and principles; and I have to admit, there are some techniques that you can learn, not only for my book. This guy cliff is an example of how many, and not the difference between martial arts and combative training for change.

The distinction is the difference

Before you can distinguish between the martial arts and combative training, it is necessary to remember, because on the basis of todays combat sports. The term martial art, refers to the second war, the martial art, in connection with the war. It is true that, years ago, in the design of today, the martial arts, there are many systems and styles born of military exercises and combat the season of the year. In ancient times, without the aid of modern weapons, the combat, the soldiers are forced to move in with sticks, swords, daggers, spears and often handinhand. The Warriors began to develop, with time, and has created systems, both armed and unarmed combat, is the same as it is today. In order to understand and combat them, the need of military units, the muscle memory in their tactics of choice, and having regard to the need to control. Methods and techniques in your daytoday opportunities for the supply of the rider on the horse and postprocessing, wood, or a piece of armor. It is clear that, in the present context of the field of battle, the techniques of uptodate. Over the course of several generations, and in the course of the centuries, the ancient art handed down from master to disciple and the teacher to the student. Equally effective, and powerful fighters training in the ancient world.

Today, the ancient techniques of Samurai and warriors, which can be seenmonks from China, the practice in the training room, a window on the world. The old forms and techniques, are treated, in practice, battle tactics of the popular media and business ideology. Many practice the ancient martial arts for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons are the same reasons for its formation. The people practice for the welfare, protection and recovery. Another exercise, for the preservation of art.