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Chapter 4: what is energy? Have you ever wondered, what is energy? Have you heard the term in many different ways, but have you ever wondered why your energy level, what? Well, sometimes you may feel, with more energy than other days? Or why you feel more energy during the day? Up to now, we have the 7 main elements of the chakra system, and it is important to have a good flow of energy in the Chakra are blocked points. In this Chapter, we will discuss what the energy, especially the energy of light in the colors. You should go through the way in which the energy of the light, the colors, have a direct effect on the body and the energy in the body. In order to understand how these colors affect every part of your body will give you a deeper understanding of the chakra system. If you have the ability, energy for the light is to the proper care and respect, so that you will notice that the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being has the power, should be in balance and in harmony. Chapter 5: the importance of systems-the chakra system, the chakras and how they impact on your health. The human psyche is still a mystery. No matter how many scientists and researchers in the exploration of the human psyche, it is to miss a is often, to understand, and it is easy to find, it is a scientific fact. In this Chapter, you will have your own chakra system can help you to improve your body and soul in balance are flows where the energy is free, and around you. If you understand your chakra system, you may notice that they have a deep knowledge about yourself.We can go through a lot of different colors and the behavior of the seven main Chakras, but this time I ask important personal questions that can help you understand the chakra system in more detail. The questions will give you the opportunity to reflect on the different parts of the body and helps us to understand that, if any part of the body, is a problem. Once you have found with the parts of the body, problems can occur, then you can bring the balance. To break these problems through each Chakra. It is important that you do not have distractions, and distract from these problems. Make sure that you take the time and think about what you are asking each question, only thus is it possible to get the maximum benefit from your answers. Chapter 7: the chakras in detail later in this Chapter, we’re going to get specific information about each Chakra. We’re going to start the top of the head and work your way down. The reading of this Chapter, it is important to remember that each Chakra is located, and that is associated with the body, and even what color it is. You can get reminders for each Chakra Chapter, so as not to feel overwhelmed when you think of something. When you make your way through this book, you need to work in a more simple and easier to remember the meaning of each Chakra.