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Revelation: simple, sweet and powerful: this is what it is. I will like, I’m sure. If you do not mind the magic, the Apocalypse is looking for a beautiful presentation! ‘Pierre-Won – Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

Hi, this is MAGNETO Mexico. I was running this effect for almost six months. The first time I saw the trailer revelation was a bit ‘skeptical, but I took my chances and bought the thing. Now I know that the mind reading can be easy to learn, and very powerful, I realized that mental effect on all my routines.The video is very clear, you can start to read minds in a few minutes after watching the video. One of the best things is the bonus you get when you buy the video. And the reactions are amazing … people can not believe all this … jaw dropping … sometimes people do not applaud because they are so surprised that they can not blink. Others, particularly women begin to run and yell … the reactions are GREAAAAT !!!If you start with the magic hand or some experience with mentalism, this if for you !!! Learn the secret and surprise your friends, be the life of the party, and to meet many interesting people. Thank you!Magneto – Mexico

‘I downloaded, I saw the video, and two hours later, I was at the club pulling this effect without any problem. Also I have to say that it would not even be considered a beginner when it comes to magic, the truth is that the magic still suck. I started with a small group of women and soon had different groups of women had gathered. They were absolutely surprised by my ‘skills’ and was surprised by the simplicity and power of this. worth every penny brother! !!! ‘Brad – Texas

‘Revelation does not require the blink of an eye, it’s probably the easiest’ think of another technique is not built not only for professionals, but for people who have no experience in magic is also a very simple technique applied .. to any type of mind reading process that you want. It can be used as part of a card trick, no magic tricks. You can guess a comprehensive foreign birthday, full name or phone number. The possibilities are endless. With Apocalypse, which has the world in his hands.City Avi Hoffman-New York
‘I must say I am impressed. The effect is bright, the method is great and the reactions are invaluable. And screams and my God and have only been a few days since I learned the effect. EXCEPTIONAL! Everyone goes crazy with it … thanks a lot :)Adam Mathers – VIC Australia
‘My name is Pete Fox and I would say’ Revelation ‘when it’s done it’s just a technical blower mentalist mind. I can not give the secret away, but it’s worth it. ‘Pete Fox – Lake Worth United States

‘Wow, this is all I can say. This product is great, I did / mentalist / mind reading / hypnosis magic (which is a lot of bars) for 11 years and I know that perfection when I see it … I saw perfectly. Every little detail in the video explanation. He has certainly taken this idea to a new level, and really teaches you how to do proper viewing and reading his mind. Bonuses are great presentation of ideas, everything I had ever thought, instantly enters my repertoire. It must also go to the directory. 5/5 ‘Maddison H – US
‘My name is Pete Fox and I would say’ Revelation ‘when it’s done it’s just a technical blower mentalist mind. I can not give the secret away, but it’s worth it. ‘Pete Fox – Lake Worth United States

‘My name is and I were practicing a professional mentalist and magician for almost 10 years, and when my demonstrations were a bit’ thin, incorporating disclosure of spices. He worked and people have been blown. Then I took the question and modified in a way that could be done with the use of a bandage over his dull eyes. crowds began to eat and is now a part of my repertoire. I want to thank the mind of the reader to take an old classic mentalism and giving it a new twist, and, above all, for giving me the inspiration for another twist to add to this. ‘Professional – Halifax Canada

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‘THE REVELATION’ EFFECT This is exactly what he said, ‘is really a’ revelation ‘in’ MAGIC Art and Entertainment BROTHERHOOD without exception ‘!! The ‘Download’ gives, indeed, everything, and I mean, all you need to know to run this ‘killer’ illusion !! I call it an ‘illusion’, because in the minds of the viewers’ can create the ‘illusion’ that really are a mentalist !! ‘Richard McGriff, ‘Wackiest Wizard World’ – Cartersville, Georgia. WE
‘I am a bit’ skeptical when I heard what you could do with this thing … this is the kind of thing I’ve been trying to do for years … and finally, there is a way. I did not think it would be so easy … but it really is. I want to say thank you for allowing me to finally have a comfortable and spontaneous form of mind reading ‘.Ryan Surf – Australia

‘I would say … stunning effect. The simplicity behind him 100 improvised factor behind making it by far one of the best mentalism effects that I have seen and done. I found many sites and people trying to sell the secrets of ‘mind reading’, bla, bla, bla. and talk to her sad how easy and what he would do anywhere really cellars

So, again. BEAUTIFUL!!!’Davy Jones
My name is Hank Walters. I’m 82 years and I have always been ‘close-up magic’ as a hobby for a while ‘in Ocala, Florida area. I never thought to do mind reading until I discovered the Apocalypse. It ‘been a welcome addition to my routine. It ‘easy to learn, and I recommend it to anyone interested amazing people around you.Hank Walters -Ocala US

‘Revelation is terribly powerful, but very easy to learn and perform. Pedagogical discharge is clear and easy to understand. You can do almost immediately. Revelation can be done anywhere, even repeated. I like this mentalism and mind reading is at its best. ‘In fact, the Apocalypse is the most powerful and mind trick Mentalism read using a special technique to know what anyone thinks. It is used to start a cult, to convince the royal guard people and turn the average amateur magician into a powerful mentalist.With a simple technique, and less than 60 minutes of practice, you will have the right to surprise absolutely everyone around.The Apocalypse effect can reveal a secret thought in the mind of a spectator or other person you choose, using an ingenious method soon learn in this video. He is reading the pure spirit, and his secret is not to be shared … but it is so good that must be experienced!It is said that the Holy Grail of mentalism and mind reading is able to walk someone – no setup – 100 improvised – and be able to say what they think. There are a number of methods you can use to do this, but the Apocalypse effect all clap their hands down. And ‘the cleanest, cheapest and easiest to read someone’s mind. Always back to anyone, anywhere – you can not do better!

Is There Such a Thing As Ethical Mind Reading & Mentalism?

The Revelation Effect – Mentalism And Mind Reading


The average mage is never bad, using all the different types of treatment of the hand and other magic tricks, to create the illusion of real magic. The mind of the reader, in exchange, you are called to be the leader of real skills, whether telepathic or psychological, and if these abilities were real, the mentalist, of course, make mistakes. If you receive a bad forecast of the general public, consciously or unconsciously, the feeling that they are, in fact, the use of some special abilities and when it is done correctly, you will be impressed even more.
A lot of times that I have, and its annoying.. well, I know, but one thing that is not, in fact, for me, is more than normal. What is it? Continuous abuse of absolutely blatant actors of the Tv mentalism f f f and the reading of the spirit of bari

You know the type of effects, those that are clearly impossible, and that is not afraid of the chaos of the crowd, and, unfortunately, the enthusiasm of the volunteers. If you dont know what Im talking about is hosted on a Criss Angel television show and see for yourself.

These people are actors paid to make the tour seem real, it must be the trick, otherwise, the trick will not work. These types of effects, the camera may not work for a public that is near to the mentalist. Only the public television station, is deceived by the lack of camera angles enables you to see.

That said, I think that there is an exception for the use of stooges in this case. For me, an actor is someone who plays an important role in the overall result of the effect of the joke and, in general, you want to be a volunteer. In general, there is a multiplicity of actors, all pretending to be astonished by some silly levitation of some sort when, in reality, if it exists, it is possible to see the work behind. In general, it is a bit of a bigbudget movie apparatus, if I wanted to see, I love going to the cinema, it would not be I. The wrist is someone who is involved with the makeup, but, in general, of the scenes and not the transmission of a lack of capacity to act, for the spectators, but it is the effect of an aspect that is impossible for your intelligent response. Note: the word intelligence.

I realize that some of the reading mind tricks need a puppet, but the overuse of actors that destroy the real creative side of mind reading and mentalism. f. f. f. there is a risk that the recovery of the entire show, with the actors and the audience, and we do not have any type of reaction. The reactions are the real magic in any place, then, to have this effect?

To conclude, I would like to mentalism f f f with real people. There is nothing better than an effect that the spectators are very intrigued by the game. Personally, I dont like clowns, but I always like it when I feel the need. I use it to create a mindblowing, in which the public is totally confused and is approaching the tower. However, it is not possible, the use of actors. Ever. I dont care if I have a famous television program. I dont have water in the bottom of my effects with that nonsense. Many groups of coffee, without the actors, it is enough for me.If I could give an aspiring mentalist, or in the mind of the reader, a little tip, if I had the dream to be famous, or just wanted to be able to do great tricks to impress your friends, it would be the time.

In reality, there is more than one way to take the time. The first is to take your time to learn a new trick, f, f, and read in the spirit of tricks. Learn the method to a new trick, of course, youll want to get out and run to your friends and family, without a lot of practice. Sometimes, it is difficult to remove, but it is one that you will not regret taking the time. You need to know already that the mentalism f f f and of the mind reading, the performance and the method is not so important. This is what the viewers can see what is really important.